U.S. Secretary of state confirmed the launch of the DPRK ballistic missiles

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USA confirm information about the next launch in North Korea of a ballistic medium-range missiles, said the state Secretary Rex Tillerson. According to him, Washington has already spoken many times on this issue, and official comments on this particular run, no.

Previously, the Agency “Yonhap”, citing sources in the defense Ministry of South Korea reported emitted in the direction of the sea of Japan “unidentified object” from the district to the North Korean port city of Shinpo, which flew about 60 kilometers. Subsequently, the Pacific command of the US Armed forces (USPACOM) classified the object as a medium-range missile KN-15.

In the blog bmpd, conducted by the staff of the Center for analysis of strategies and technologies, stated that Shinpo is a shipyard where you collect submarines capable of carrying ballistic missiles KN-11.

Pyongyang launched a few hours before meeting US President Donald trump with the Chinese leader XI Jinping. The policy among other things should discuss missile and nuclear programs of the DPRK. The day before trump said that the US alone will deal with the issue of North Korea, if China is not going to participate in it.

Last time North Korea launched several missiles 6 March, describing it as practicing attacks on U.S. bases in Japan. Since the beginning of 2016, the North Korean military has carried out more than 20 starts, and has also conducted two nuclear tests.