The number of tree species in the world

The number of tree species in the world

The international Council of Botanical gardens for plant protection (UK) have determined the approximate number of species of trees on Earth — 60 thousand. A study published in the Journal of Sustainable Forestry, and briefly about it reports BBC News.

Most species of trees (8715 units) grows in Brazil, in the Arctic region of North America (less than 1.4 thousand units).

More than half (58%) grow only in one country of the world and not found in other. According to scientists, this poses a threat to the plants, in particular, due to weather phenomena and human activity.

Approximately 300 species of trees are threatened with destruction, because the population of each such unit does not exceed 50 plants. For example, in Tanzania it grows Karomia gigas, is represented by only six trees. Scientists plan to gather the seeds.

To determine the number of species of trees, scientists of the International Council of Botanical gardens on protection of plants used data collected from 500 organizations that are members. Making a list, as experts believe, will help to preserve rare and endangered species of trees.