South Korea announced the launch in the DPRK, “an unidentified missile”

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North Korea launched in the sea of Japan “unidentified missile” from the area of the port city of Shinpo on the East coast of the country. About it reports “Yonhap”, citing sources in the Ministry of defense of South Korea.

The representative of the defense Ministry of Japan confirmed that they had recorded the launch, presumably a ballistic missile.

The launch took place ahead of a meeting with U.S. President Donald trump with the President of China XI Jinping. Among other issues on the agenda is a discussion of North Korea’s missile and nuclear programs. The day before trump said that the US alone will deal with the issue of North Korea, if China is not going to do that.

“China has a huge influence on North Korea, and she must decide whether to help us with North Korea or not. If they decide to help, it will be good for China, if they do not, nobody will be well,” said the President of the United States.

On 6 March, the DPRK launched several missiles, calling it the practicing attacks on U.S. bases in Japan. Before ballistic missile tests Pyongyang carried out on February 11.

In 2016, North Korea had more than 20 launches of ballistic missiles and two nuclear tests. These actions violate the resolutions of the UN security Council.