In the state Duma called the explosion in the St. Petersburg metro agony of the terrorists


The explosion in the St. Petersburg metro is connected to terrorism, said Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee for security and combating corruption Anatoly Election. His point of view he voiced in an interview with “” on Monday, April 3.

“The agony of the terrorists on the effective operation of Russia in the fight against terrorism. We know that the terrorists have only one goal — to destabilize the activities of the authorities”, — he said.

He stressed that security measures in the Moscow metro will be strengthened, in particular, canine services. “It’s an occasion for all of us to think about what terrorism is. This is an evil that must speak the language understood by the terrorists themselves. They need to be destroyed, as the President said, where they are,” he said.

Earlier on Monday in the subway of St. Petersburg, two explosions. Reported explosions on the station “Sennaya Ploschad” at the station “Technological Institute”. According to sources, killed at least 10 people, injured more than 50.

According to Interfax, an improvised explosive device, it is possible that it was Packed with striking elements. The power of the explosion amounted to 200-300 grams of TNT.