Duma Committee recommended the adoption of amendments to electoral legislation

Duma Committee recommended the adoption of amendments to electoral legislation

The state Duma Committee on state construction and legislation recommended for adoption in the first reading a package of amendments to electoral legislation.

They include, in particular, the rejection of absentee ballots and the postponement of the presidential elections on March 18.

As reported by “Kommersant”, the package of amendments has been introduced by senators Andrei Klishas and Anatoly Shirokov. It is assumed that the application can be submitted to the electoral Commission at the place of stay or through the portal of public services. In this case for abuse of entitlement imposed fines for repeated voting of the same persons, and for organizing such a vote is proposed to establish a fine of 30 thousand rubles.

The changes also simplify the work of the observers. Now each party is obliged not later than three days before the vote to inform the territorial election Commission the personal data of the observer and the polling station at which he will work. The authors of the bill propose to abolish three days.

Now the polling station covers not more than 3 thousand voters. The authors propose a rule in which the maximum number of voters in the area may be reduced to 1.5 thousand people. In some cases, the maximum may be reduced.

Specify the authors of bills a list of grounds on which the CEC may deny registration of the candidate.

The package of amendments corrects the time interval, which can be transferred date of the presidential elections. In the case of the adoption of the presidential elections in 2018 may be scheduled for March 18, the anniversary of the entry into Russia of the Crimea and Sevastopol.

Catherine Grobman