Siberian sued 45 thousand rubles for the loss of virginity by medical examination

The court in Novosibirsk decided to pay 29-year-old girl compensation for the deprivation of virginity during the inspection at the gynecologist. Amounted to 45 thousand rubles, told RIA Novosti the representative of the law firm “Rerberg and partners” Tatyana Popova.

The defendant in the lawsuit was made by a local maternity hospital. The interlocutor of Agency, which represented the girl, said that more than a year ago a client came in for a scheduled appointment with the gynecologist in female consultation related to maternity hospital # 6. Before inspection, she warned the doctor that is a virgin, but in the end the doctor has damaged the hymen.

The court heard the case during the year, 31 March the claim was partially satisfied. “For our country, compensation for moral damages of 45 thousand rubles is quite large, given the fact that the person is not left without legs, arms or eyes, continues to live,” — said Popov. According to her, the plaintiff wanted this doctor does not hurt other people.

Initially, the applicant sought compensation for her two million rubles. Amount as the lawyer explained, was formed based on the desires of the plaintiff and the foreign experience in dealing with such cases.

“She (the girl) hoped for more, I for less. But I’m happy,” stated the lawyer, and pointed out that this court decision is a precedent because it was not about causing harm. “In the criminal process in the consideration of crimes against sexual inviolability of the harm is measured at the aggregate, but separately for hymen is never considered”, — said the representative of the law firm.

According to Popova, who leads the NHS.News, examination showed that the girl is still a virgin, but that she had a torn hymen. The young doctor who conducted the examination were fired from the women’s clinic immediately after the scandal, said the lawyer.

Itself the plaintiff noted that she is a Christian and the entry into an intimate relationship before marriage.