The caretaker of a temple in Pakistan explained why he killed 20 parishioners

The caretaker of a temple in Pakistan explained why he killed 20 parishioners

MOSCOW, 2 Jun — RIA Novosti. The caretaker of a temple in Pakistan’s Punjab province, who was arrested in the murder of 20 parishioners told about their motives, informs Agency France Presse referring to the representative of the local police.

“Fifty-year-old Abdul Wahid admitted that he killed those people because he was afraid that they had come to kill him,” — said the Agency representative of the regional branch of the police Zulfiqar Hamid.

The motive is not officially defined, but according to police, the suspect, who was an employee of the election Commission of Pakistan, could be mentally unstable, the crime can also be connected with the struggle for leadership in the Church. In addition, according to Pakistani media, Vahid previously showed aggression towards the congregation.

The incident occurred in the night of Friday in the Pakistani city of Sargodha in Punjab province. As told by the survivors, the caretaker of the mausoleum of the Sufi-Shrine of Muhammad Ali Gujar, a resident of Lahore, Abdul Wahid was called more than 20 people in the temple and took them one by one. The superintendent gave visitors a meal with some narcotic substance, then stripped and beaten with a stick and attacked with a dagger. Three women managed to escape from the temple. Police arrested Wahid, and two others, possibly his accomplices.

In Pakistan, the caretaker of the temple killed 20 worshipers, April 2, 2017, Punjab.