Medvedev noted the role of geologists in the creation in Russia of a powerful energy

Medvedev noted the role of geologists in the creation in Russia of a powerful energy

MOSCOW, April 2. /TASS/. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev congratulated workers and veterans of geological industry of the country with the geologist Day, celebrated on. The text of the telegram of the head of the Cabinet posted on the website of the Russian government.

“You chose one of the most interesting professions, which is riddled with romance and aura of oneness with nature. However, Geology is a job for adventurers, brave and courageous people willing to work seven days a week, away from home, on land, in water and air. And one who is not afraid of the difficulties of camp life, who love their land and want thoroughly to study it, becoming a master”, — the telegram says.

The Prime Minister said that thanks to the work of many generations of geologists in our country has created a powerful fuel and energy complex, new industries began development of the Northern territories.

“Today, when seemingly thoroughly studied every corner of the land on our planet are still somewhat mysterious and unknown. To solve these mysteries, to find enormous natural resources is the task of young and talented professionals,” — said in greeting.

The Prime Minister noted that “yesterday’s graduates must bring to the industry new solutions and original ideas, enrich it with innovative technologies.” According to him, the determination, professionalism and a healthy ambitious young professionals depend on prospects of Russian Geology. The Premier wished the workers of the geological industry success and good luck and new discoveries “to those who today sent their first expedition.”

The geologist day is celebrated since 1966 on the first Sunday of April.