Media reported about a possible stay of the leader of ISIS in Mosul is surrounded by

The soldiers of the Federal police of Iraq in Mosul

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the banned terrorist group “Islamic state” could be in Iraq’s Mosul, completely surrounded by security forces. This is the conclusion of the Iraqi military came after several attempts of militants to break the siege, including from outside, told RIA Novosti source in the military structures of the country.

The interviewee said that in mid-March, the terrorists of 40 off-road vehicles, backed by tanks made a throw from Syria towards Iraq tall afar on the way to Mosul. “They tried to break the blockade surrounded in tall afar of ISIS, then, already significantly entrenched, to break through the encirclement and in Mosul. According to our analysts, such attempts may be associated with either the desire to withdraw from Mosul of militants remaining there, or to evacuate their leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi,” he explained.

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Also, the source did not rule out that al-Baghdadi might be injured in the result of one of the March air raids of the international coalition on the Syrian-Iraqi border.

1 April it was reported about the elimination of Iraq Ayad al-Jumaili, closest ally of the leader of ISIS. He was killed in an airstrike in al-Qaim near the border with Syria in Western Anbar province.

The Russian General staff said that, despite the claims of the representatives of the international coalition on the full environment of Mosul, the militants regularly leave the city.

Mosul is the largest city in Northern Iraq. The assault on the settlement of the Iraqi troops who now control the Eastern part of the city, began in October 2016. According to intelligence reports, in the Western blocks are still a few thousand extremists. The assurances of the Iraqi security forces, Mosul will be liberated from the terrorists until the end of spring.