Young lovers, luxury and money. The story of the life of Sergei Diaghilev

Young lovers, luxury and money. The story of the life of Sergei Diaghilev

For the anniversary of Sergei Diaghilev Aify tells how a well-known entrepreneur for many years shocked the Paris audience and found the money on their incredible performances.

He led a luxurious life, knowing that is the object of surveillance for many people. But after his death, did not leave a penny. The funeral of legendary entrepreneur paid his old patron, the Mission of Sert and Coco Chanel. They were not the last people in the long list of those who for a long time helped him to realize the most ambitious projects to conquer the impregnable Paris.

France fell to the feet of the provincial boy thanks to his organizational skills and money of generous sponsors.

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Graffiti with a portrait of Diaghilev in Perm

A failed lawyer

When 18-year-old Sergei Diaghilev came from Perm to St. Petersburg, it was hard to imagine that this young provincial would be able to break out into the world and become a true legend of his time. At the insistence of his father the young man was going to study law, however, the Northern capital, with its incredible opportunities that changed his plans. Sergey was in a hurry to enlighten: visited theatres and exhibitions, vocal training. It is in the city on the Neva, he decided to fulfill his childhood dream of becoming a composer.

Once Diaghilev had invited a select audience to listen to the samples of them composed the Opera “Boris Godunov” in which he played the role of impostor.

Alas, the efforts of the future entrepreneur the audience is not appreciated. Later Sergei himself admits that this failure came in handy, because his voice was “very strong and very nasty.”

The next stage in a young person’s life has become a passion for the visual arts. In search of knowledge and treasures he traveled to various European cities, visited art galleries and artists ‘ studios. In 1897, Diaghilev successfully held its first exhibition of German and English watercolorists. Then, together with Alexander Benois created a creative community of artists “World of art” and the magazine of the same name.

In the 28 years he was appointed officer on special assignments for the Director of the Imperial theatres. However, a few years later left the post due to a conflict with the authorities. And yet this place has helped a young person to gain new useful contacts.

One of them was a close friendship with the mistress of the Tsarevich Nicholas, Matilda Kshesinskaya. Diaghilev frequently accompanied the famous dancer home after the show.

It Kschessinska brought him with his patron, Prince Vladimir and Grand Duke Andrei (a cousin of Nicholas). Even then, the budding entrepreneur realized that the money and talent work much more effective than just talent.

“Taking” Of Paris

In 1906 thanks to the efforts of Diaghilev’s Paris and saw the exhibition “Two centuries of Russian painting and sculpture”. A year later experienced the French conquered the “Historical Russian concerts” in which participated Rimsky-Korsakov, Rachmaninov, Glazunov, Chaliapin. The latter had particular success from the Europeans. In 1908, he shone on the stage of Paris Grand Opera in a production of “Boris Godunov”.

Time “Russian seasons” came only in 1909.

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Incidentally, Diaghilev did not immediately became a fan of choreography: it is said that the love of this art form opened it after watching “Sleeping beauty” by Petipa in 1893. This incredible statement is then literally shocked Petersburg. Some time the locals instead of the usual greeting when meeting asked a single question: “have you seen Sleeping beauty?”.

Preparing for the “seasons” was not easy. A small disagreement entrepreneur with Kschessinska, was outraged that I can have one role in such large-scale project, and the sudden death of a friend — the Grand Duke Vladimir did not once promised the support of the Royal court. Had to travel to Paris to find new sponsors. Fortunately, to solve the issue of funding was a success. One of those who invested their money in it, in fact, a risky event has become the owner of the music salon and a very wealthy lady, the Mission of Sert. Subsequently Sert and Diaghilev will be for each other not just partners but true friends.

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The théâtre du châtelet in Paris

“Russian seasons” had to go on the stage of the châtelet, but when Sergey saw the hall of the theater, instantly understood that the old building requires immediate updating. In a few weeks it was completely transformed, adding to the interior more luxury. On opening night, the audience settled down on the luxurious seats upholstered in dark red velvet, it was as if telling them that they are elect.

That evening on the stage shone unrivalled Anna Pavlova and a number of other strong dancers. But all the love of the audience went to Vaclav nijinska.

It is worth noting that prior to this, the male dancer has always been in the shadow of the female partner. Nijinska managed to outshine the female part of the company. The audience dubbed the young man “God of dance”. Of course, such a triumph not everybody liked the colleagues of the artist, and the first because of professional jealousy from the distance came the Pavlova. Although she claimed to have severed relations with Diaghilev, because he wanted to create his own company.

Vaslav Fomich Nijinsky

The 20th century started out fine

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Vaslav Nijinsky

Despite the success, the investments of entrepreneur was not comparable with the income. However, it seemed that the huge debts did not embarrass Diaghilev. With his characteristic enthusiasm he began to look for patrons and to plan a second arrival of “Russian seasons”.

A colleague, a lover, a traitor

Performances of “Russian seasons” one after the other caused the approval of the audience: “the Firebird”, “Scheherazade”, “Parsley”. But Diaghilev wanted more large experiments and recognition of, good, Sert supplied him not only money, but also useful acquaintances. One of them was a meeting with Claude Debussy.

The tandem of songwriter and entrepreneur gave the audience a sensation — male erotic dance “Afternoon of the Faun”, which was created and performed by Nijinsky.

It was the first scandal in the seasons that in some way rocked the audience and was much better than the usual success.

The ideas of Diaghilev and his team were often ahead of their time, but because the public sometimes require months and even years to understand and appreciate what the artists of the “seasons” shown on the stage. So it was with the “rite of Spring” of Stravinsky, which premiered on 29 may 1913. Choreography re-worked Nijinsky. The show was hard on him, but the audience did not appreciate the effort. Already five minutes after the start of the performance hall began to murmur, whistle, and even stomp their feet. The play had to stop and start again. This failure hurt the already fragile psyche of Nijinsky, who later ended his days in a mental hospital.

Since Wenceslas in the company he became not just a colleague and lover of Diaghilev, and his personal discovery. The entrepreneur believed, and not without reason, that thanks to him there ascended the star of “God of dance”.

Sergei kept his favorite, gave him expensive gifts, which is only a sapphire ring from Cartier, which was sealed “engaged” lovers, tried to form his protégé and instill in him a sense of beauty. However, along with the “carrot” Vaclav knew what a “whip”. Sergei never let him forget that his success dancer owes him money and relations.

Alas, instead of gratitude Nijinsky repay Sergey’s betrayal. During a tour of South America, which he missed because of superstition (fortune-teller predicted his death on the water), Vaclav unexpectedly married a dancer Romola Pulski. Learning of this, abandoned lover began to destroy everything, and calmed down, found a reason to fire the traitor of the company.

New love

Left without a choreographer and lead soloist, Diaghilev went to look for a replacement nijinska. Any option he found at the ballet school of the Bolshoi theatre. Handsome Leonid Massine as the best suited for the role of the new Prime Minister and… lover.

Leonid Fedorovich Massine —

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Leonid Massine

Sergey acted on the already well-established pattern of deception: expensive gifts, trips abroad, the solution to all material problems protege, and most importantly — the promise of an incredible career ascent. 18-year-old Leonid though pondering over the offer known entrepreneur and even wanted to refuse but couldn’t. Subsequently, the dancer in the same way as its predecessor, became a choreographer of the “Russian seasons”. And then, as if repeating the fate of Vaclav, married American ballerina Faith Clark, breaking the heart of his “Creator.”

However, talented Masino also found a replacement in the person of Serge Lifar. With the filing of Diaghilev and in full its financial support and the young man lived for some time in Italy, where he took lessons from a teacher of Nijinsky and Pavlova, the legendary Ceccati.

At the beginning of the meeting Sergey has promised to make his favorite of the second Nijinsky, and he succeeded. But the success of his brilliant lover he enjoyed for long.

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Valentin Serov. Portrait Of Sergei Diaghilev. 1904.

In 1921, a 57-year-old Diaghilev was diagnosed with diabetes that has progressed, because he flatly refused to comply with the prescribed medical diet and regime. In 1929, it became clear that the end was near, although Sergei himself was trying not to fall into depression and continued to make plans for the future. His condition deteriorated when he was in Venice. The fortune teller was right, the legendary entrepreneur died “on the water”.

19 Aug friends Diaghilev spent his last journey. All expenses associated with the funeral, as before, took on longtime patron, the Mission of Sert and Coco Chanel. During the life of the entrepreneur, the two women competed for the attention of Sergei, while remaining friends. But this time they had nothing else to share.

Beloved mother left them both.