The Rosselkhoznadzor warned about the threat of avian flu in the far East

Dangerous to humans strain of avian influenza threatens the Far East. On Friday, March 31, said the Deputy head of Rosselkhoznadzor Nikolai Vlasov, reports RIA Novosti.

“The virus of avian influenza, was born in South-East Asia, and there are first deaths from it. This virus threatens our far Eastern Federal district, if the skid will be. It is not predetermined, but highly probable,” — said Vlasov, noting that in the first place the flu will threaten Primorski Krai, will then move through the territory of Khabarovsk Krai, through Magadan to Kamchatka and Chukotka.

Vlasov also added that another strain of the virus from Central Asia could threaten Siberia.

Later Rospotrebnadzor has denied the information about the threat of bird flu for the population of the Far East. The office related posts called disinformation.

Currently on the territory of Russia was a strain of avian flu from Europe.

Earlier in March, the outbreak of avian influenza was recorded in the suburbs. Because of this agricultural enterprise “Change” has destroyed 90 percent of the birds. Seven people were hospitalized in Sergiev Posad district of Moscow region with suspected bird flu, no identified virus.

Avian influenza — an acute infectious disease caused by a virus A(H5N1). It begins with chills, fever up to 38 degrees Celsius, muscle and headaches, sore throat. Possible watery liquid chair, repeated vomiting. The patient’s condition is deteriorating rapidly. After 2-3 days there is a wet cough, often with blood, shortness of breath. Then it may be difficulty breathing. Possible liver, kidney and brain. Avian flu is unusually aggressive course with rapid deterioration and high mortality.

Human infection occurs through close contact with infected live or dead poultry. Also getting sick after eating meat and eggs of sick birds without sufficient thermal processing.