The grave of George Michael’s fence for the fans

The grave of George Michael’s fence for the fans

Around the graves of British singer George Michael, located at Highgate cemetery in London, put up a fence. This was done because of the influx of fans to the burial site, reports the Daily Mail on Friday, March 31.

The cemetery management said that the fence will be removed when the grave settles.

March 29, Michael’s body was interred near the grave of his mother Leslie Ingold, who died in 1997. The funeral was held in secret — they were attended only by relatives and close friends of the singer. According to the newspaper, Michael’s boyfriend, Fadi Fawaz, was not allowed to farewell ceremony at the request of the musician’s family.

In early March it became known to cause Michael’s death. According to the senior coroner for Oxfordshire Darren Salter, the musician died from cardiomyopathy and inflammation of the myocardium, and fatty infiltration of the liver. Because of the investigation, which was conducted by the police, the body of the actor could not be buried for three months.

George Michael died on 25 December 2016 at home in the UK at the age of 53 years.