Policeman killed in attack in Central London

Policeman killed in attack in Central London Moscow. March 22. INTERFAX.RU One of the victims of the terrorist attack that took place in Central London near the houses of Parliament, police officer, reports The Guardian, citing sources. Earlier it became known that the attack killed at least two people. According to preliminary information by the British media, the attacker, driving a car knocked down several people on Westminster bridge and crashed into the fence of the Palace of Westminster, where Parliament sits. He then left the car and attacked the police officer, striking him several blows with a knife. After that, the police used the weapon and shot and killed the attacker. London police have classified the incident as a terrorist attack, but yet gives no details of the attack.

Valery Kozlov appointed as acting head of the RAS

Valery Kozlov appointed as acting head of the RAS Moscow. March 22. INTERFAX.RU — Acting head of the Russian Academy of Sciences was appointed Vice-President of the RAS Valery Kozlov, reported “Interfax” source. As said the interlocutor of the Agency, the President of RAS Vladimir Fortov, is currently on inspection in TSKB, his condition is satisfactory. According to the source, before the autumn elections of the head of the RAS Fortov is likely to remain a simple academic. Monday March 20 General meeting of the RAS, by an absolute majority of votes has made the decision to postpone the election of the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences and its Presidium in the fall (no later than 20 November) and to request the government to extend the mandate of the current head of the RAS Vladimir Fortov and the current presidency. Previously, all three candidates for President of the

What do you know about water?

What do you know about water? 10 facts about the main source of life. Water covers about 70% of the planet’s surface but only 1% of its total volume suitable for use. Given the importance of the resource, conservation and development of freshwater are in the modern world is particularly acute. International water day, celebrated on 22 March, we have prepared a test that will help you to learn many new things about this fluid.

A fragment of terracotta sculptures found in the area of construction of Crimean bridge

A fragment of terracotta sculptures found in the area of construction of Crimean bridge At the Institute of archaeology Academy of Sciences said the find is unique, and to detect its analogues in the Northern black sea have not yet succeeded. KRASNODAR, March 22. /TASS/. Part of the unique terracotta sculptures found in the area of construction of Crimean bridge in the course of underwater excavations at Cape AK-Burun, head of the underwater unit of the Institute of archaeology RAS Sergey Olkhovsky. “According to our data, this finding is unique for the Northern black sea region, to find its analogues have not yet succeeded. To clarify its functional purpose, origin and date we will attract the leading experts on ancient Greek art and conduct laboratory tests of the clay. At the moment, we believe that a terracotta head made in Asia Minor in the fifth century BC”, — quotes the

The Kremlin responded to the words of Makron, who opposed rapprochement with Russia

Photo: RIA Novosti The Kremlin hopes that the political establishment of France the prevailing consensus about the inevitability of building a dialogue with Russia, rapprochement with Russia was never meant to undermine the sovereignty, Moscow – for the respect of mutual interests and independence, said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the calls of the candidate in presidents of France Emmanuel Makron to avoid a rapprochement with Russia. The candidate in presidents of France, former Minister of the economy Emmanuel macron during the debate on Monday, said that France should not come closer to Russia, she needs independence and working with our European partners. “Rapprochement with Moscow ever for any country not mean the undermining of the foundations of independence and sovereignty, because in building the bilateral relationship Moscow has always advocated mutual respect, respect for mutual interests and above all respect for mutual independence and

The Federation Council approved the idea of the Internet census of the population

Photo: RIA Novosti In the Federation Council recommended to approve the draft law introducing amendments to the law “On all-Russian population census” and providing for additional information collection about citizens using the Internet. On Tuesday, March 21, according to “Parlamentskaya Gazeta”. The document, in particular, introduces the concept of the micro-census — sample statistical observations, embracing not less than 5 percent of the population. Such studies overlap in the period between national censuses. “It is established that the collection of information in electronic form that defines the software requirements, technical means, channels of communication, means of information protection approved by the Federal state statistics service in coordination with the Ministry of communications”, — said the first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on economic policy Alexei Mayorov. In his opinion, the bill will increase the accuracy and completeness of census results. The document was introduced by the government to

United Russia will not challenge the victory of the candidate of the liberal democratic party in the elections to the Duma of Yekaterinburg

Photo: TASS “United Russia” does not intend to challenge the victory of the candidate of the liberal democratic party Gregory commercial for the elections to the Duma of Yekaterinburg, which took place on 19 March. This was stated to journalists by the Secretary of the General Council of the party Sergei Neverov. “Discussion of revision of the election results is possible if someone appeals to the electoral Commission of Ekaterinburg”, – he explained, stressing that “from outside “United Russia” such requests will not.” “If there were any violations, that to respond to them needed at the moment of their fixation” – said the Secretary of the General Council of the party. “People have made their choice, was won by the representative of the liberal democratic party, and do today any statement – is to rend the air,” he added. Moreover, according to Neverov, “strange heard similar statements by the Chairman

CSTO: about 2,5 thousand immigrants from Russia are fighting on the side of the militants in Syria

HOMS, Syria © EPA/YOUSSEF BADAWI MOSCOW, March 22. /TASS/. About 2.5 thousand people from Russia are fighting on the side of terrorists in Syria, reported today by the acting Secretary General of the Organization of the collective security Treaty Valery Semerikov. “From Russia about two – two and a half thousand people. I’m taking and the Caucasus,” he said. Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that in Syria on the side of the militants fighting about 4 thousand immigrants from Russia. In June last year who was at that time the post of Secretary General of the CSTO Nikolay Bordyuzha said that in this country are fighting about 10 thousand natives of the countries of the CSTO. As reported in late February, the General staff of the armed forces in an airstrike in the village of Rasmi al-ays in the South-West of Aleppo, were eliminated 19 warlords from the North

The Congress confirmed the surveillance of a trump in his skyscraper in new York

The Congress confirmed the surveillance of a trump in his skyscraper in new York Moscow. March 22. INTERFAX.RU the supervision of the President of the United States Donald trump and members of his election headquarters in the Trump Tower skyscraper in new York city occurred, but was “accidental” and was not associated with Russia and with the leader, the head of the intelligence Committee of the house of representatives of the U.S. Congress, Devin Nunes. “I recently confirmed that in many cases the intelligence community occasionally gathered information about Americans who were part of the transition team trump”, — he told reporters Wednesday. “Things about the US citizens associated with the administration of the trump … were widespread reports of the intelligence services”, — said the Congressman. However, he stressed that “none of these observations was not associated with Russia or with the Russian investigation activities, or team trump”. According