Due to the uncleared snow in the Sverdlovsk region, cancelled buses

In the city of Revda, Sverdlovsk region due to uncleared snow from the roads was closed most of the bus routes. On Thursday, January 12, reported on the website of the regional Department of the traffic police. “Suspended the movement of nearly all buses. The reason was revealed numerous violations of the maintenance of the road network: deep ruts, snow roll, snow shafts at pedestrian crossings”, — stated in the message of management. The exception was made only for long-distance buses and route 7, which runs on the middle Ural copper smelter. It is noted that such measures can be adopted in other cities of the region, since in recent times due to the poor condition of the roads has increased the number of accidents. In March 2016, the specialists of the Federal road Agency (Rosavtodor) declared that improving the quality of Federal highways leads to an increase in the

Turchak tried the Mead from the Pskov farmer

Andrey Turchak The Governor of the Pskov region Andrei Turchak visited a farm in the village Families, where we tried some local production. This is stated on the website of the regional administration on Wednesday, January 11. Farmer Oleg Fedorov showed to the Governor of the farm devoted to poultry and beekeeping. For mobile and stationary apiaries, as the entrepreneur, bees produce up to seven types of honey. The head of the field at a local store bought honey tasted Mead and thanked the farmer for “the work”, the report said. On November 23 last year, the deputies of the Pskov regional Assembly with the filing Turchak has adopted amendments to the regional law abolishing penalties for the acquisition, production, storage, transportation and sale of alcohol products of home making, including moonshine and home brew. At the end of 2014 widely known manufacturer of Kirov “Vyatka” kvas after the employee

The head of the Kaliningrad region urged to fight beavers

Anton Alikhanov The acting Governor of the Kaliningrad region Anton Alikhanov proposed to raise at the Federal level, the question of the recognition of the beaver as a pest. On Wednesday, January 11, writes “Kommersant”. At a meeting on reclamation of the head of the region reported that rodents cause to the economy of the region considerable damage, namely in the field of road construction. “Therefore, there is a view that is needed year-round to issue licenses to their shooting and to take the initiative on recognition beavers harmful animals, to be exterminated at all without a license,” said Alikhanov. Program Manager for biodiversity conservation the world wildlife Fund of Russia Vladimir Krever, in turn, said that Russian legislation lacks the term “pest animals” or “animal pest”. “It’s just everyday language”, — he said. To make the discussion at the Federal level, the expert considers unnecessary. “If there is a

In the suburbs, were stolen in 2014 baby

In the Istra district of Moscow region found the child, who was kidnapped on 17 June 2014 from the chamber children’s Department of the Antiquated city hospital. On Wednesday, January 11, reported on the website of the regional Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR). The suspect is 40-year-old resident of the Krasnogorsk district — detained. “With a woman, investigators are working, the question on election of a preventive measure, we establish the motives for the crime are assigned to the complex of judicial examinations”, — stated in the message. The boy, presumably, Matvey Ivanov, sent for a medical examination. As said the TV channel “360” Commissioner for the rights of the child in Moscow region Ksenia Mironova, will help him find a new family. “We will monitor the situation. The investigating authorities will conduct DNA examination to establish the identity of the child,” she said. According to the

Skvortsova said about a possible increase in the incidence of flu in January

Veronika Skvortsova In Russia, the possible increase in the incidence of flu in the second half of January and in February. This was stated by the Minister of health Veronika Skvortsova, reports on Tuesday, January 11, the Federal news Agency. “We initially prepared”, — quotes TASS of healthcare. The Minister noted that the peak incidence has not yet passed. According to the head of the Ministry of health in Russia was vaccinated with an unprecedented number of people — more than 50 million people, or nearly 40 percent of the population. In this regard, the Ministry expects that severe complications and deaths will be less than last year.

Staff Goskomrezerva wounded by a harpoon to catch them in illegal fishing

Staff Goskomrezerva was beaten and attacked with harpoon at the resident of Ryazan Mikhail Krestina catch them in illegal fishing. About the victim himself told in an interview to a local television station “the City” on 10 January. According to the man, the incident occurred on 31 December on lake Velha near Shumash village near Ryazan. He explained that he saw some fishermen who were fishing with harpoons (spears), which is a prohibited weapon. The christening, who previously worked in Goskomrezerva, found in the violators of the inspectors. The man made a remark, and then began to remove what is happening on the phone. However, the poachers attacked him with fists and stabbed with a harpoon. The fight was stopped by the resident of a nearby village. On a scene called police and representatives of the Fishery, and Kristina was hospitalized with a laceration of the hand. As said state

The expert questioned the desire of Russians to eat vegetables instead of meat

Replace meat for vegetables in the diet of Russians can only be associated with economic reasons — lack of funds. On Tuesday, January 11, said in an interview with National news service (NSN), Professor, doctor of medical Sciences Alexey Kovalkov. “There is even no other options. Because our people have always loved meat,” he said. The Professor added that such changes are unlikely to have a positive impact on the health of inhabitants of Russia. “If fats and carbohydrates nutritionists still argue, the preservation of the protein mass is recognized by all. Everyone should get the minimal amount of pure protein of 70 grams. According to our Russian standards”, — kavalkou said. Earlier, on 11 January, “Izvestia”, citing data from Rosstat reported that residents were eating less meat, fish, dairy products, sugar and more vegetables. In mid-November 2016, Rosstat reported on the decline in real incomes of Russians in October

In Yaroslavl will hold a day of no abortions

In Yaroslavl for one day — Wednesday, January 11, — banned abortion. This was reported on the website of the Yaroslavl Metropolia of the Russian Orthodox Church. During the day in all government health facilities prohibited abortion, the same recommendations are given to private medical organizations. “The action is dedicated to the memory of the infants in Bethlehem murdered by Herod who wanted to kill born the divine child”, — explained in the Archdiocese. As the newspaper notes 76.ru only during the year in the Yaroslavl region will host three days of silence without abortion in January, June and July. In addition, a prayer vigil for the salvation of children will be held January 11 in St. Petersburg near the Kazan Cathedral, according to “the St. Petersburg diary”. Similar events are held in the regions of the country for the first time. So, in the children’s Day on 1 June

In Moscow because of gas poisoning a man died

One person was killed and three were seriously injured as a result of leak of household gas in the West of Moscow. On Wednesday, January 11, “the Tape.ru” has informed a source in law enforcement bodies. In his words, at about 01:35 GMT 11 Jan operational service reported a smell of gas in five-storey residential building number two at the Zaporozhye street. Arrived at the emergency rescuers found in the apartment on the third floor of four. Paramedics stated the death of one of them, the other three were rushed to the intensive care unit. The health status of the surviving doctors as very heavy. According to preliminary data, in apartment there was a gas leak, this version is now checked. At the scene arrived investigative team and the specialists of the Mosgaz. On 10 January it became known about the death in Podolsk near Moscow, two men and women

Zakharov took Obama nine days to the destruction of the world

Maria Zakharova The administration of outgoing President Barack Obama has two days more for the destruction of the world than had God on his creation. Reacted to the intention of American senators to impose new sanctions against Russia, the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. “God created the world in seven days. The Obama administration on two more days to destroy it”, — she wrote in Facebook. Zakharova described the actions of Washington, including new sanctions and arming the Syrian opposition as “totally pointless, but harmful actions in all areas of foreign policy.” January 10, a number of senators-Republicans and Democrats introduced a bill on sanctions against Russia because of cyber attacks and the situation in Ukraine and Syria. The document, in particular, foresees the introduction of restrictions for cooperation with the power structures of the Russian Federation, and also for the support of hackers. In addition, it