Resident of the Moscow region with a kitchen knife cut off the head of boon companion

In the suburban. the man beheaded with a kitchen knife. This was reported on the website of the regional Central Board of the Investigative Committee of Russia.

“Established involvement in the crime 32-the summer native of the city of Schelkovo, Moscow region, accused of committing the above crimes,” — said in the text. It helped to find and arrest the employees of Regardie. The issue of the conclusion of the men into custody.

A corpse with multiple stab wounds and a severed head was found Thursday, July 27. According to investigators, the crime was committed due to domestic quarrel during a drinking alcohol. In RCDS noted that the killer wielded a kitchen knife.

The detainee cut the drinking companion’s head after he died, writes

On 10 April the court sentenced to 18 years in prison former police officer Michael Drenica for the murder of the family’s neighbors in the communal flat from-for quarrels with one of them. Man dismembered the dead bodies and tried to destroy them by dissolving in acid.