In the Federation Council called the Jesuit logic, a statement by the state Department on sanctions for the sake of friendship

Franz Klintsevich

Hope us Department of state on cooperation with Russia on major global issues “are devoid of truth”, because in Moscow you know that the main objective of the law on new anti-sanctions — the isolation of the country. On Saturday, July 29, said RIA Novosti, first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Franz Klintsevich.

According to him, the Secretary of state Rex Tillerson demonstrates “a kind of Jesuitical logic”, proclaiming one thing and doing the opposite.

Klintsevich added that, in his opinion, to achieve the goal of improving relations with Moscow — “elect the worst way possible”.

Earlier in the day Tillerson issued a message in which he explained that the introduction of new anti-Russian sanctions indicates the U.S. desire to see Russia’s steps to improve bilateral relations. Also, the diplomat expressed hope for cooperation “on major global issues” between the two countries, noting that sanctions will not need.

27 July the us Senate passed a bill on sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea, after which the document was sent for signature to President Donald Trump. The day before the White house said it strongly supported the sanctions policy against Moscow.