The Director of the Rostov circus has told about the last day of Oleg Popov

Legendary clown Oleg Popov died in Rostov-on-don at the age of 86 years. He died in the process of touring, which took place in the Rostov state circus. The Director of this circus Dmitry Reznichenko told the TV channel “Star” on the last day of the artist.   “Today the whole day we joked, walked around the city, walked the entire Central market, asked him to make the jelly, ate, laughed. Just on Saturday-Sunday, the first performance of his tour. The premiere opened with a full house” – Reznichenko has told.   In addition, the Director of the Rostov circus said that the company Popov does not plan to stop touring and wants to play the remaining presentation in honor of deceased artist.   “The day after tomorrow was supposed to go on tour. It was painted 15 views. The whole company decided not to cancel the presentation in memory

Moskalkova sent the request to the Prosecutor of the Republic of Karelia on torture activist Dading in the colony

Moskalkova sent the request to the Prosecutor of the Republic of Karelia on torture activist Dading in the colony Moscow. 1 Nov. INTERFAX.RU Commissioner for human rights in the Russian Federation Tatiana Moskalkova took personal control of the situation with possible torture activist Ildar Dading in the Karelian colony. “I sent the request and spoke personally by telephone with the penal system and keep the situation under personal control,” — said Moskalkova, “Interfax”. The Commissioner said that also sent a request to the Prosecutor of the Republic of Karelia. In addition, Moskalkova turned to the Karelian authorized, in the near future intends to send a colony of the employee of the device, and also communicates with the Public oversight Commission (POC) of the Republic. Earlier Tuesday, the wife of the Dading Anastasia Zotov wrote on Facebook with reference to the lawyer Alexey Lipcare that the activist in the colony, was

Philippine President called Americans “monkeys” and “fools”

The President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte extremely unflattering comments about the inhabitants of the United States being frustrated by the failure of the transaction with the purchase of American weapons. A barrage of insulting criticism of the leader of the country has brought down on the offenders during a televised address to the citizens of the Philippines, reports Reuters.   “Look at these monkeys. 26,000 firearms that we wanted to buy, they don’t want to sell. Sons of bitches. We have a lot of makeshift guns, and without them, the American fools,” said Duterte.   Earlier it became known that Rodrigo Duterte announced in your country’s war on drug dealers, for which he allegedly took the weapon. On the world stage, the Philippine President managed to establish itself as the identity of the categorical and straightforward. Portions of his disapproving of the characteristics awarded to President Barack Obama and

A series of new tremors reported in Italy

A series of new tremors reported in Italy Data on victims and destructions did not arrive. MOSCOW, November 1. /TASS/. A series of aftershocks recorded Tuesday morning in Central Italy, the magnitude of the last one was 4.7 and the previous magnitude was 3.6 and 3.2 and 3.1. This was reported by the European-Mediterranean seismological centre. See alsothe Italian Authorities reported dozens wounded in the earthquake The first three epicenter of the quake was about 60 km Southeast of Perugia, the epicenter of the latest is 52 km South-West of Ancona. Their foci lies at a depth of 8 to 10 km. Information about victims or destructions as a result of aftershocks were reported. An earthquake of magnitude 6.5 occurred on Sunday morning in the Central part of Italy is affected by the disaster 24 August and 26 October district. An earthquake and some aftershocks are clearly felt in Rome

Were in good spirits on Sunday appeared in Rostov – Zapashny about the death of Oleg Popov

World famous clown Oleg Popov died at the age of 86 years. The Director of Big Moscow state circus and the representative of the famous dynasty of circus Edgard Zapashny told the website of the TV channel “Star” the details of the death of the artist.   “About half an hour ago I called the CEO of the company “Rosgostsirk” Dmitry Ivanov and announced the sad news. I immediately contacted the producer Oleg Konstantinovich, who is now in Rostov-on-don. Understanding the complexity of the situation, did not take the liberty to call his wife. Found out when it happened. This happened really recently,” said Zapashny.   According to him, Oleg Popov felt good and was active on tour and the last performance took place just this past Sunday, so the artist’s death came as a great surprise.   “No one suspected, because Oleg Andreyev (producer of the Popov – approx.ed.)

In the US, the truck crashed into a trailer to celebrate Halloween with children

In the US, the truck crashed into a trailer to celebrate Halloween with children MOSCOW, 1 Nov — RIA Novosti. Three people were killed and seven were injured in the accident involving a truck and a trailer with children in the us state of Mississippi, reports NBC News, citing local authorities. The accident occurred in the small town of Chunks. The truck crashed into an open trailer where there were children and adults celebrating Halloween. Killed two children and one adult, seven people were injured. For transporting the wounded, it took three helicopters. The cause of the accident is not reported. Police have launched an investigation.

Cause of mass poisoning in Dagestan has become a breakthrough sewer

Cause of mass poisoning in Dagestan was a breakthrough sewer which the plumbing has come to the wastewater. About it the President reported to the head of the region Ramazan Abdulatipov Wednesday, November 2, reports RIA Novosti.   “About 10 days of rains in Dagestan, burst sewers, got the wastewater, hence was the poisoning,” he said.   Earlier the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova said the cause of what is happening insufficient chlorination of water.   Now in hospitals with poisoning are 273 people, most of them children. There were no lethal outcomes. In total were about 700 people.   In fact the incident a criminal case. Photo: Bashir Aliyev/RIA Novosti

Syrian opposition begins a military operation against Assad

The opposition group “Free Syrian army” (FSA) announced the beginning of military operations in Aleppo. The rebels claim that they will strike blows to objects of the government troops, reports “Interfax”.   “The operation will continue until, until we achieve the lifting of the blockade of Aleppo and provide a fair living to our people in Aleppo”, – said in a statement the rebels statement.   They claim that the fighting will be the answer to “the siege of Aleppo by the regime of Assad and his allies.” CCA is outraged that “the international community failed to assist the civilian population in besieged Aleppo”.   While the civilian population was recommended to stay away from military installations of the government.   Earlier, the chief of the General staff of the Russian armed forces Valery Gerasimov announced a humanitarian pause in Aleppo on 4 November from 09:00 to 19:00. This will

Near Volgograd schoolboys have defeated war memorial

Near Volgograd schoolboys have defeated war memorial In the Volgograd region, two students knocked the monuments at the war memorial. About it reports “Interfax” with reference to the representative of regional Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs Anton Kornauhov. According to him, 30 October the regional police Department reported that unknown persons damaged eight monuments on the memorial of inhabitants of the Volgograd region, who died during the great Patriotic war. During the inspection, law enforcement officers identified the personality of suspects. They were two teenage schoolboys, the oldest of whom is nine years old. Children walked near the walk of memory in Surovikinskom district, which is a memorial stele and eight memorial plates. “During the game, one of the students proposed to knock down the monuments. Tying them with ropes, they threw them, and damaged the stele, breaking tiles”, — said the Agency interlocutor. Near Volgograd two children