The Director of the Rostov circus has told about the last day of Oleg Popov

Legendary clown Oleg Popov died in Rostov-on-don at the age of 86 years. He died in the process of touring, which took place in the Rostov state circus. The Director of this circus Dmitry Reznichenko told the TV channel “Star” on the last day of the artist.


“Today the whole day we joked, walked around the city, walked the entire Central market, asked him to make the jelly, ate, laughed. Just on Saturday-Sunday, the first performance of his tour. The premiere opened with a full house” – Reznichenko has told.


In addition, the Director of the Rostov circus said that the company Popov does not plan to stop touring and wants to play the remaining presentation in honor of deceased artist.


“The day after tomorrow was supposed to go on tour. It was painted 15 views. The whole company decided not to cancel the presentation in memory of Oleg Popov will be the tour that he wanted to spend”, – said the Director of the Rostov circus.