Trump signed the document on reopening of government

Trump signed the document on reopening of government

The US President Donald trump has signed a bill providing for the provision of budget funds to continue the work of the government for three weeks until February 15, according to CNN. After signing the document, all ministries of the country earn, and state employees will receive wages that are not paid because of the shutdown, which lasted 35 days.

Previously, Mr. trump wrote in his Twitter that the agreement on the resumption of work “in no way was a concession”.

“This concern about the millions of people affected by the shutdown”, — he explained.

We will remind, the day before the U.S. Senate rejected two bills to stop the shutdown. Republicans have proposed to allocate to the construction of the wall on the border with Mexico of $5.7 billion, Democrats are also opposed to the funding of the wall.

Shutdown continued in the United States 35 days. It began due to the fact that the administration of the President and Congress have not agreed on the funding for the wall. Democrats found the requested project amount excessive.