“People just have nothing to eat”. Russian language — about the political crisis in Venezuela

“People just have nothing to eat”. Russian language — about the political crisis in Venezuela

Closed shops, prices, bus stops and people who went to rallies — so the people of Venezuela describe what is happening now in the country.


In Venezuela political crisis — the leader of the opposition to Nicolas Maduro of Parliament Joan Guido declared himself President, the country was swept by a wave of protests.

Russian service Bi-bi-si asked those who live in Venezuela, how it has affected the lives of ordinary citizens.

Vladimir Scarso, a resident of the city Porlamar, entrepreneur

All the people who were at the rally in Caracas red (referring to a rally of supporters of President Nicolas Maduro. — Bi-bi-si), had been brought there from all over the country. And in Porlamar is now just silence and tranquility. I walk the Affairs of the company, Bank deposits, filing of documents to certain service — and nothing’s worked. All the people were taken to Caracas to rally behind Maduro by force.

The opposition left, they will not taken, and they themselves can’t leave. So it turns out that the opposition rallies across the country, and in Caracas brought the socialists. Although I wouldn’t call it socialism, rather, the dictatorship of the marginalized.

Visiting such [Pro-government] events in Caracas is mandatory for these individuals (public sector workers. — Bi-bi-si). I was once in the Ministry — this is our kind of station. And I went there during working hours, and I was not accepted. I said, “where are the men?” And I say: “where? All went to the rally!”.

I would say that [more in daily life due to the political crisis] nothing has changed, because the worst is unlikely to be for the common man. As people stood in line, and stand. Only more expensive basic foods such as pasta, no salt at all.

Even the traffic on the roads is not something to be paralyzed, but nobody wants to go anywhere. And now I’m faced with the fact that my partners are from those countries that I work with (Belarus, Russia), said that shipping lines do not want to carry the cargo to Venezuela. A country that imports 95% of its food, how can you live without it? No, it is hunger. And to this carefully we are going for many, many years.

Previously, it [food transportation] was so dangerous. And now more on the background of these riots, and in light of the fact that the transport infrastructure is actually lying on its side, has become doubly dangerous. There is a stretch of road between Caracas and Puerto La Cruz (sixty kilometers), where at the time, and now, people jumped out of the jungle and pounced on the truck, which was carrying food. This introduced mandatory escort of such vehicles of the national guard. And here on this site in front [of the column of trucks. — Bi-bi-si] rides escort vehicle and a trailing vehicle maintenance. And there are submachine gunners in bullet-proof vests.

Can you imagine what brought the country? People have nothing to eat at all. They produced cocoa and coffee, but then the government imposed regulation on these products, and the export is missing. If you want, give it to me for free, but to export you can’t. People have cut down their plantations and cultivated roots such as potatoes. The only thing you can export from Venezuela without any restrictions, it’s a pumpkin. Now you need a pumpkin? I don’t think.

Know what pattern said the Venezuelans what they think about the omen? If Putin called Maduro during the protests of the opposition, expect Sechin to the signing of the oil contract.

But here after school children go to see the Shawarma. And I don’t know a single person from their environment — employee, friend, partner, who would support Nicolas Maduro. Draw your attention to the fact, where are those numbers an imaginary support [Maduro]. When you vote, you must present to the election machine (probably refers to the electronic ballot box. — Bi-bi-si) ID, and the machine scan it.

After the victory of the opposition in the parliamentary elections the people who voted for the opposition, stopped issuing food packages. Can you talk about a secret ballot? In the last election of Governor took place outright bribery on the part of naturistov. People were given food parcels, and in return you home to this machine [for a vote] and make sure you have correctly pressed the buttons.

Just yesterday I got a message that the container with the food, which we import, has been delayed for another month. I do not know — because this situation [the political crisis] or not. And one friend asks me: “Vladimir, how’s the pasta?” I said, “You know, Mrs. Eugenia, I guess I’ll have to wait another month.” And she looks at me with tears in his eyes and said, “Well, how is it? We’re all gonna die!”.