The most famous egg Network gave new crack (photo)

The most famous egg Network gave new crack (photo)

Soon we learn that inside him.

An ordinary hen’s egg, has won universal popularity in Instagram in January 2019, continues to intrigue users of the Network.

In the official account of eggs world_record_egg came the third photo with new crack. This picture has generated a lot of guesswork and conspiracy theories among subscribers.

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Publication from EGG GANG ? (@world_record_egg) Jan 22, 2019 at 1:02 PST

During the download an error has occurred.NewsIn the hypermarket “Globus” in the suburban Shchyolkovo found a 60-meter-long crack

Some decided that, tresnuv finally, the egg will disclose the name of its owner. In addition, users assume that the egg can “cooperate” with any brand, and his “death” would be a great viral advertising.

Another theory — participation in the campaign to break the Internet star Kylie Jenner, whose previous Instagram-record egg and beat.

However, the most popular version of what is happening — an Internet experiment. The egg inside may be blank, and it will be a kind of mapping of what people in 2019 are willing to spend their time on meaningless exercises.