In Australia, hiding in the toilet, the Python bit the woman

In Australia, hiding in the toilet, the Python bit the woman

A resident of Australia, 59-year-old Helen Richards was bitten by a carpet Python, climbed into the toilet.

The incident occurred when the woman stayed with family in Brisbane, went to the toilet.

Helen Richards told local reporters that he “felt a sharp blow” when sat on the toilet:

I directly jumped up, looked around and saw something that looked like a turtle with a long neck, crawled back to the toilet.

To retrieve a four-foot carpet Python, had to call a professional snake catcher.

Catcher Jasmine Green told that snakes often hide in the toilets when looking for water in hot weather.

According to Green, shallow puncture wounds Richards was treated with antiseptic, the very same Python Green called harmless:

Unfortunately, the most convenient for the snake exit was blocked when Helen sat down on the toilet, and the animal was scared.NewsMiracles of disguise: why the Viper is pretending to be a spider (video)

“When I got to the scene, Helen had calmed down. In this situation, she behaved like a hero.”

Carpet pythons are widely distributed along the East coast of Australia. They are not poisonous, but their bites are recommended to be vaccinated against tetanus.

In Australia it’s summer, it’s been two weeks and it’s really hot, has broken dozens of records throughout the country. The temperature reaches 47 degrees Celsius.

The heat have suffered several types of wild animals, there were reports of mass deaths of horses, local bats and fish.