The Briton shared on the Network a strange winter life hack

The Briton shared on the Network a strange winter life hack

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Wearer Twitter by the name of Emily told its subscribers an unusual way, which will help keep your hands warm in the winter, and then another and eat.

An esteemed colleague told me he hard-boils eggs in the morning, uses them as pocket warmers, and then has them as a little mid-morning snack when he gets to work.

Truly, the line between genius and madness is very thin.

— Emily G (@CuriouslyEmily) 23 Jan 2019.

One of my colleagues said in the morning he cooks two eggs and then uses them as pocket warmers. And came to work, he eats them for afternoon tea.
Indeed, the line between genius and madness is very thin.

According to the girl, her friend uses boiled eggs as a pocket warmer. And I think it we all missed this winter. At least netizens appreciated life skill. And even shared his own life advice.

I think this is pure genius!

— Abbi Wallis (@abbiwallis) 23 Jan 2019.

I think this is absolutely brilliant!

When I was a student I used to carry tea bags with me, then ask Starbucks or Costa for a free cup of hot water and wala – a free cuppa at lunch!

— Matt D. Wright (@Matdwright) 23 Jan 2019.

When I was a student, always in the winter, wore a tea bag. And then came into a cafe and asked for a free Cup of hot water. So I had a free hot tea.

Standard practice on farms and estates out here. Lots of folk who work outdoors do it.

— James Clark (@MotoClark) 23 Jan 2019.

This is standard practice on farms. Many people who work on the street, doing the same.

I used to do that with at school baked potatoes – microwave them, bit of butter+salt in there, wrap in tinfoil, use as handwarmers then have them for morning break.

— Jessie Rowbum (@wakeyjess) 23 Jan 2019.

I used to do the same trick with a baked potato. Bake it with butter and salt in the microwave, wrapped in foil and used as pocket warmers. And then ate the potatoes for dinner.

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