A brilliant scientist or a dangerous adventurer? What do we know about Professor Hae Cisangkuy

A brilliant scientist or a dangerous adventurer? What do we know about Professor Hae Cisangkuy

Chinese Professor he Cisangkuy made a real revolution in biology and medicine, conducted a successful experiment to create the first ever genetically modified children.

However, unlike most other revolutionary scientific experiments, this was conducted in secret. About it knew nothing, the University administration, where the number of Professor, nor the leadership of the clinic where passed childbirth, neither the Chinese government nor the scientific community.

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It is not surprising: genetic experiments on human embryos is prohibited by law in most countries of the world, including in China.

And even where their conduct is partially resolved (e.g. in the UK), these experiments are strictly limited, carefully controlled by the authorities in any case do not involve the birth of GMO babies.

Simply put, Professor he cranked a Grand adventure, violating not only the strictest ethical taboos, but also a number of Chinese laws (more on this below).

Inscribing his name in the history of science, it simultaneously became a pariah of the scientific world, which is unlikely to have the chance ever to continue their work.

How did this happen? And what do you know about the disgraced Professor?

“Chinese Einstein”

To its controversial November the allegations and subsequent arrest, he Cisangkuy was quite well known and respected in the scientific world a geneticist who worked, in particular, at Stanford University.

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However, about his childhood and adolescence, we know very little. A biography of the scientist we had to collect the crumbs from disparate Chinese media reports.

The future scientist was born in 1984 into a peasant family in Hunan province — one of the poorest regions so poor and then China.

The rural population of that province which in ancient times was inhabited by the tribes of man, is known for its crafts and martial arts.

Like most people in rural areas, his parents worked on the land.

Enrolling in the local high school in the County, Xinhua, Ho had a keen interest in physics and even, as he later said in an interview, was to create at home a makeshift laboratory, where he spent all his spare time, set up various experiments.

According to the results of final examinations in 2002, he was admitted to the prestigious Department of modern physics University of science and technology of China.

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This is one of the best universities in the country, administered by the Academy of Sciences. As noted by the media, ambitious student wanted to become “Chinese Einstein”.

Ho graduated with honors the bachelor’s, and until recently, his name can be found on the website of the University most distinguished alumni. Now a mention of the disgraced scientist removed.

However, at that time, in 2006, the newly minted graduate has shown such outstanding results that he has been allocated a government scholarship to continue study abroad.