The Amsterdam red light district in decline. Why?

The Amsterdam red light district in decline. Why?

The world’s most famous quarter of “red lanterns” has become a cesspool, and we need to do something, according to local residents.

Four young men in warm jackets pushing, standing near glass showcase and attracting attention beyond the glass girls in Lacy underwear.

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“It’s all banter. Even they know what it means to be a joke, ‘ says one of the men, pointing to the brothel. They know about the English. We have enough money to spend”.

But many women who sell their bodies, are increasingly faced with the problem when it becomes more difficult to attract customers due to the tourists who stand in front of Windows and taking selfies on phones. That is, they are more interested in the photo opportunity, not the purchase of sex services.

The first in the history of Amsterdam female mayor is trying to find a solution to this problem. Femke Halsema preparing to unveil several initiatives that will help to protect sex workers from the camera lens.

“It is the largest free amusement Park in Amsterdam,” says a local resident of Frits Rouvoet, holding me in the web of cobbled alleys. A prostitute recognized him and warmly waving his hand.

Frida in the red light district there is a bookstore in which he invites prostitutes for a Cup of coffee to enable them to escape from the insults and threats they constantly face on the street:

They have nowhere to run. To earn a living, they have to stand in the Windows and see them comes a lot of men. From England, Scotland, Ireland. They are drunk, they scream and try to take a picture.“My kids don’t know what I do”

The girls try to hide their faces when the tourists pull out their smartphones. Many of them hide their activities from friends and family. If their pictures appear in social networks, learn the truth, families can reject it.

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Christina opens the door, shivering from the cold because of the icy wind blew over her bare belly.

She puts out a cigarette, decreases the volume of the video on my phone and leads me on the short corridor into a small white room. It’s warm here, but the situation can be called ascetic: mirror, black mattress, hygienic gel is an antiseptic, a panic button and soft Slippers.

“I don’t like the [trade body], but I have,” she says.

Christine has been working in the red light district for 10 years. Prostitution has advised her friend from Hungary, who earned a fortune in the sex industry of Amsterdam.