The top of Holmes: Sherlock the strange world of the screen

The top of Holmes: Sherlock the strange world of the screen

Who just did the great detective filmmakers.

On screens of Russia 24 Jan leaves “Holmes & Watson”, the new version of the adventures of the famous detective and his partner, this time in the genre of daring ragovoy Comedy (Holmes jumps in front of Queen Victoria in dirty pants and corset, and Watson and even beats her Majesty Mordasov camera — as mentioned in the old joke, “laughing at the word “shovel”). Not impressed by a fresh masterpiece, the journalist Alexei Korolyov for Izvestia recalled seven more cases, when Holmes and Watson looked and behaved a bit unusual, but at the same time convinced that the works of Conan Doyle can survive any liberties of interpretation.

Holmes — hound

“Great detective Holmes” (1984-1985)

Anthropomorphic animation — genre venerable and generally ridicule for not calling. Holmes and Watson in the form of dogs — so what? However, the “Great detective Holmes” turned out to be non-standard. First, it is a true steampunk in the spirit rather than Conan Doyle, and Jules Verne: a detective and his partner fly a lot, chase, jump, run and fight. Second, it is still a children’s movie, so in the plots, no murders, and only a mysterious kidnapping, theft and similar petty criminal. Third, Holmes a novel here either not Irene Adler, and with his own housekeeper Mrs Hudson (she’s 19, and she’s adorable). Well, the main thing. Although the film 26 episodes, of special interest are the first six. Took them off (back in 1981, then the project was suspended because of copyright issues), Hayao Miyazaki, is already known Japanese Director, but have not created any “Nausicaa”, or “Totoro” or “Porco Rosso”.

Holmes — the old man

“Sherlock Holmes: the Golden years” (1992). Plays Christopher Lee

Lee, a former military pilot, spy and Nazi hunter (all of which he managed for 25 years) for his career beat a number of Dracula, Fu Manchu and other Sarmanov that its appearance in the image of the great detective, and besides, in 70 years was a little challenging. And history in the novels has turned out some not Conan Dylewskie: heroes of the great writer, of course, not shunned in international politics, but here Holmes and Watson and only by doing that save the world, and in a variety of historical figures from Theodore Roosevelt and Emperor Franz Joseph to Sigmund Freud. Interestingly, this is not the first, and the third Whether the and Holmes: for the first time the actor played him back in 1962 in a half-remembered film “Sherlock Holmes and the deadly necklace” and in 1970 “the Private life of Sherlock Holmes” played the role of Mycroft.