The history of the Russians about prices, poverty, and “the nines” eggs

The history of the Russians about prices, poverty, and “the nines” eggs

In order not to increase the cost of the product, manufacturers have to reduce weight or packing. Citizens the accumulated shame. However, many consumers marketing gimmicks don’t notice. They are expensive to buy is not something that is “nines”, but even two eggs. Readers Of “Tape.”ru talk about how they survive.

In the first working week of the new year Russians discussed appearance on the shelves of boxes with “nine” eggs instead of the usual dozen. In order not to increase the cost of the product, manufacturers reduce the weight or packing. “Lost” package and other products, the price remained the same. From a legal point of view, everything is clean, but the citizens the accumulated shame. However, many consumers marketing gimmicks don’t notice. They are expensive to buy is not something that is “nines”, but even two eggs. Readers Of “” talk about how to survive, what to buy today in stores and do you consider yourself poor.

“The rise in price — critical”

Alexander, Achinsk district, Krasnoyarsk Krai:

Live alone in the village. Ten years ago, bought a house. A little village of 100 houses, living in a holiday mode. Winter here is 15 families of pensioners, and in the summer young people come with children. I am 55 years old. With his wife divorced. Three grown daughters. With them now not communicate. It so happened that while I was earning money, helping them financially — all the children of my apartments — was needed. But now — no. The housing problem we fell out. The house is the only one that I had, and tried to pick it up. I even in your feed in the “Classmates” and blocked from the phone book numbers were removed. Left contacts only in a paper notebook. Just in case.

Life driver worked. Education — high school and College. And “KAMAZ” drove a long-haul trucker was, and regular buses, minibuses went. The work was mainly rotational. A month or two to earn, then are looking for something new if the old project is closed. Now I have bad health. A sick stomach is an open ulcer, operated. Seems to be tolerated feel, but intensively, as before, it can’t work.

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In the village there is no work. You need to go to the city of Achinsk, it is 20 kilometers from the village. The bus to the city goes only three times a day, early morning and evening. And if you ride every day, you need about 100 rubles per day for travel in public transport. A taxi ride is 300 rubles one-way. That is, either his car must have (and considering that gasoline becomes more expensive, it is also unprofitable), or to remove in Achinsk room. On the last job I was a bus driver. Salary — seven and a half thousand. It is very small. Prices for the products we have in Moscow, and even higher.

So I decided to sell the house and buy a room in a hostel in Achinsk. Arranged at least a janitor. The salary seven or eight thousand. Hunger will not die. And to rent a house in the city and a house in the village to contain me not under force. The house, too, requires constant investment: repair, water, light. When I bought this house with an eye to the future. Dreamed that in retirement in the village will be wonderful to live in nature, fishing, mushrooms, berries…

A year ago I retired to remained five years. That is, it would be possible to get out somehow. And now ten years. To endure will not work. It is necessary to live on something. Put on “Avito”. I hope that the spring will move.

I lost my job, tried three times to stand on the labour exchange in the Achinsk district, at his residence. Several times went there. The unemployment benefit — 4900 roubles. For me now it fabulous money. But officials included “the Dynamo”. The fact that shift workers rarely formalize. So in labor, I write no.

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The organization where I worked before, eliminated. And I can’t provide to the exchange a certificate with your most recent job. So the benefit to me as an unemployed person is not allowed. I have a few months without work. While I make do with what they sold their stuff. When the watches worked, for personal services bought various tools — drill, plane, saw. In Lombard passed. The refrigerator was also sold. What he told me, I’m single. Really not much cooking. Products to buy for the future too. And in the winter put everything in the canopy or out the window — there’s your freezer. We have that temperature in Siberia is 30-40 degrees.

Money on the wood there. But I have in the garden bath of the old, rotten already. I’m slowly taking it apart and stoked the stove. Applied to social protection for the material, at least single — for firewood. But there I this list of papers that more will be spent on the bus, yet the chain of command will travel to all of these papers to collect. I save. Yes, I don’t need a lot. Of dependents, I only have a cat. In the village we have a grocery stall. Bread is sold. The loaf rose. Take the bones of chicken. Well and cereals. Packaging we the store also at 800-900 grams.

Before pound was, but people, honestly, these programs are not paying attention. Important the cost. The rise in price in two or three ruble notice right away because for many it is critical.

The store mainly cereals, pasta take. Eggs very rarely because it is expensive. Potatoes from the neighbors buy. Someone free gives.

If someone wants to lose weight, my diet at the time. But health probably. I am 55 and have no teeth. Have dentures put. But the simple dentures suction Cup — more 20 thousand. And where to get them? Look older than his age, but you don’t think I’m not drunk.

To save power, the snow in the yard is almost cleaned. Only the path to the porch. My mother told me how they lived after the war. Almost the same what I feel right now, in time of peace.“The state is not hope”

Natalia Zakharova, Kurgan oblast:

He worked as an editor in television and radio in a small district center in Kurgan region. By and large, our region is one of the poorest in the context of mother Russia, firmly seated on the Federal grants with multi-million dollar debt.

Retired I in 2015 after 37 years. The salary was low as our independent non-profit organization sat on the shoulders of the district municipality, the money we earn is not enough. Hence, the accrual of pension is slightly above ten thousand. My personal family “baggage” — the youngest son, who in the year of my retirement was in my last year of the Academy and whom I had to support by all means. If not for the help of the state that was paying the pension to boy survivor, I don’t know if I could even hold my son. And so — with difficulty, but was interrupted.

The eldest son is married and lives independently, in the Tyumen region. Also received an academic education, working in the field of culture. But sometimes applies for monetary assistance, especially if something needs to be purchased for the home from home appliances.

I live in a rural area, so a great help is private farming. Vegetables from the garden, meat from the farm. To the store I try to go once a week only for necessary products.

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Now my son graduated from the Academy and went to work. It has become much easier. The salary is low. While living with me, as is continuing education by correspondence, and master’s degree. To go to session in the city, of course, defer from his salary. In fact, I now live with him in one of my pension of 12 thousand.

What are the costs? Very simple. Payment for utilities — in the first place. Leaving a monthly average of three thousand rubles. As the pension is not enough, we have to intercept acquaintances from payday to payday these same three thousand. The remaining penny trying to survive. About the big purchases already do not dream. It would not hurt to change outdated and a thousand times as large home appliances-a refrigerator, an old TV. I would like to go to St. Petersburg, but…

The state pensioners have no hope. The meager subsidies that are indexed in the increasing prices of food in the shops, nothing in the life of a pensioner does not change. Think to myself: finish my studies to have a son before graduation (stayed another year), maybe then it will become a little easier.“Poverty as a lifestyle”

Semen Zavarzin, Moscow:

My salary is slightly more than 24 thousand, of which 12 goes to rent a room in the Khrushchev, 350-500 rubles for the light in the water, roughly 600 rubles for the Internet phone. To work I travel by foot because transportation costs an average of 500 rubles for one or two months. If a single phrase to describe my financial situation, it will be “enough for food but not for clothes.”

How will this affect my behavior? On the one hand, I purchased “cheap” stores “Pyaterochka” or “Auchan”, guided by a more favorable average price, take the goods in store if offer for the shares.

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Marketing tricks of manufacturers and shops, of course, it is easy to notice. Although the hype regarding the “nines” eggs struck me not much — I buy them by the sixes. For such a Orgy I watch ever since, when the milk began to sell not liters, and kilograms. As it happened, if I remember correctly, long before 2014. Had been trying to focus not on the price, and the prices unit of measurement (kilogram, litre, piece), fortunately in the same “Auchan” now it’s just. In General, I treat this with understanding. Manufacturers also have to Dodge in order not to increase the unit price of the goods. This is a kind of customer focus. But for the buyer it is, of course, pandemonium.

In order to to spend money wisely, we have to be very careful and many to count. I think sooner or later there will have to restore order, because such a policy can only lead to chaos.

We can say that there is no such thing as a standard size. Remember the Orwellian whining regarding pints and a pint of gin in the book “1984”.

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On the other hand, I have long ceased to count the money in the store. Just come and buy what you need and want. Can afford it for two reasons. First and foremost — I often do not spend in the shops more money than they earn, because they are accustomed to live in poverty. Poverty as a lifestyle.

I grew up in the late 90’s- early 2000’s. My parents are military and teacher, in those days some of the most socially vulnerable groups of citizens, the worse things were, except that doctors. Spending me money not allocated in principle. All that he had, I was earning, saving on Breakfast at school. There were a few strategies, but most often I just haven’t eaten since 7:30 and 14:00-17:00. Since the age of 14 started an apprenticeship. At 16 I went to study in Moscow. The first time, survived for 2600 rubles per month (600 rubles scholarship and a thousand twice a month — parents).

The survival strategy was as follows: periodical trips to grandma’s to eat and stew (on the train a hare or Donat 20 rubles supervisors), free buses in the “mega”, and there are two hot dogs and a glass in IKEA Food for 35 rubles; and, of course, student mutual.

A vivid example of the latter was a tacit agreement with the neighbor, who did not receive financial support from home: when he had no money, we bought groceries, he cooks, food is a common. Later, there were other sources of income: jobs, increased scholarships, blood donation and so on. After the fourth course I took wounds and, having a salary is somewhere around 6 thousand rubles have achieved financial independence from parents.

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Since then, little has changed. I graduated from the University and the poor student became a poor scholar. So what did I learn from life? I used not to want anything. If you do not want, do not hurt nothing to get. If something I still want, I will either be able to afford it, while carefully planning the purchase, financing sources and methods to minimize the loss, or I didn’t want it. For me functionality is more important than aesthetics.

The second reason why I can not count the money in the store is the availability of savings. Any savings I had are almost always, I never take loans. Even while living at 2600 rubles per month, I managed to give people in debt. Assuming that the money is returned, it is a good way of saving about the same investment in the future. The benefits of savings are obvious: they allow you to better tolerate fluctuations of income and consumption, not to worry, there will be enough money to buy it, invest in the future, plus they can bring in additional income, for example, in the form of Bank interest.

The careful reader at this point must encounter the dissonance, as poverty and accumulation — things seemingly incompatible. Far from it, in my case, they are interrelated. Because I think it is instructive to tell you where I got most of the savings.

The fact that I worked in science, and there is most often practiced one of the worst forms of remuneration. If you receive funding under government contracts or grants, the first six to nine months, while compiled and coordinated programs and conducting tender procedures and other red tape, you’re living on a bare rate.

In the case of young people is often not a full rate,½,¼, seen even 1/16 of the bet. With this in mind, the Academy of Sciences for example, I had a regular income from 5.6 to 6.4 thousand. When the funds — either immediately gave all owed to you (could and 150,000 to fly, but this is the maximum), or smeared to the end of the year. As a result, you several months of the year had at least some decent salary (we had it one to three times per year). But since January, you again sit on a bare rate, not having a clue, will you have this year, contracts (grants), but will have to wait for funding, what will be the salary. This system is terrible. Lack of income makes it impossible to plan expenses, to plan for the future.

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To be certain not to lose their means of livelihood, you should try to spend money on the level of your regular income, living high in a small minus. So on the basis of non-recurring revenue was formed savings that are now at least cushion the blow. I won’t say that my life was bad at the time. No, she was in the “as usual”. In those months when I was getting a decent salary, my quality of life hardly improved.

Do not consider themselves poor, live within your means. I have proved — especially to yourself — that you can survive on any amount of money. But to survive — not to live. My observations suggest that all this, the period of austerity has its own shelf life after which it gets unbearable, and, more importantly, the consequences for health, relationships and self-image.