“Swan lake” too rowdy

“Swan lake” too rowdy

What is behind the conflict Sergei Polunin with the Paris Opera.

The Paris Opera has not yet announced whether to look for a replacement suspended from the performance of the dancer, Sergei Polunin. The press service of the waiting list of new compositions. Officially, the scandal is over, but its consequences we hear — says Maria Sidelnikova.

Your double anniversary season — the 350th anniversary of the Paris Opera and the 30th anniversary of the opening of the Opera Bastille is the main French theatre began with a double scandal. First on the main staircase of the Opera Garnier has rolled out two giant tractor wheels in gold, made by the artist Claude Lévêque.

Art contemporain à l’opéra Garnier : “On est certain de faire hurler le grand public” pic.twitter.com/USHS03vTGz

— Master Piece (@Piece_and_l0ve) January 15, 2019.

The installation is called “Saturnalia” and will stay the whole year; besides the wheels there are neon lamps and crown of thorns, crowning the Opera Bastille, but it did not cause the shock and the wheel — Yes. “Shame! Bad taste! Tyres “Michelin””, — hissed on social networks.

Et donc, pour fêter les 350 ans de l’opéra Garnier, l’escalier monumental va être orné de 2 pneus géants couleur or ?

Encore un bel exemple de la trouduculture de gauche qui adore enlaidir… pic.twitter.com/iXA0RU9oV0

— Aramis (@Aramisunchained) 31 Dec 2018

But no sooner had the French in full quarrel on the subject, if levec contemporary art in the historic interiors of the Opera Garnier, as broke a new scandal: the Paris Opera has withdrawn the invitation of dancer Sergei Polunin for his public statements. Here, the reaction of the Paris ballet world was unanimous: “homophobic” and “sexist” have no place on the main stage of France.

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The news that the artistic Director of ballet, Aurelie DuPont called Sergei Polunin to perform as a guest artist in “Swan lake” lasted about 48 hours. It was announced in his Twitter dance critic of Le Figaro Ariane, Bevelle, she said that the decision was canceled (January 12, when the instructor sent out indignant to the company a corresponding letter). Then Opera has officially stated that “public statements by Sergei Polunin do not match the values nor aurélie DuPont, or the Paris Opera.” “He does not comment,” — said the agent, Sergei Polunin at the request of Kommersant to comment on the situation.

The role of the main provocateur and Troll in Instagram Sergei Polunin performs successfully since November of last year. Before his account was conflict-free chronicle of his artistic and social life. But the last two months (this coincided with Russian citizenship) — that no message scandal: Putin, trump, Ukraine, homosexuals, fat people. In fairness it should be noted that unlike the English-language press, which has responded to almost every post Polunin about politics, the French newspaper was not before this any business. And now it claims to political preferences is significant, but the appendage. They say that he likes Putin.

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The noise in the network, unexpected by the standards accustomed to communication restraint by the artists of Paris, picked up the “story” of the troupe, Adrien Incubator. To the post in which Polunin, referring to the ballet, says “a man should be a man on stage, there are already a dancer, there should be two,” the Incubator said: “the Paris Opera, to invite this type 2019 Paris — it’s impossible. Our company preaches values of respect and tolerance”.

This man has nothing to do with us.

On criticism full of people (“I propose to give the ass when I see fat people, it will help them and push to decide to throw off the fat” — soon the post was deleted, no apology was forthcoming) responded’etoile troupe Lyudmila Palero. Topics of a sensitive nature, politically incorrect statements, offensive words. Yes, the physical form — it is purely the theme of ballet and ballet lingo. In the rehearsal classroom and locker rooms you can hear and such, and artists, including French, grew up in these curses (about how good mate yelled Nureyev and than threw in rehearsals, still legends). But this is the kitchen. And social networks today — it is a stage with footlights.

It is not excluded that Polunin in Paris was not up to the “Swan lake”. 5 Jan (before the scandal) French Director Danielle Arbid announced that he will perform the leading role in the movie “Ordinary passion”.

Play Russian lover. The shooting will start in Paris from day to day. Replacement Polunin while not looking, only an understudy.

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How will this scandal on his career Polunin, time will tell. His ballet the glory of the last forces rests on sensation a decade ago, when 19 years old boy from Kherson became the youngest Prime Minister of the Royal ballet. At 22, he with the scandal left the theatre. Further — drugs, tattoos, film, glamorous, short — Theatre of Stanislavsky and Igor Zelensky, who still supports his protégé and gives him a scene in Munich where it now runs (19 and 20 January Polunin dances “Raymond” in March — “Spartak”). In fact, this is the only chance to see Polunin in classical ballets. He is not attached to any company, it does not have rehearsal Studio, and his physical form is hard to judge. Personal project-entreprise Polunin (soon he will perform in Moscow with the premiere of “Sacre”) fueled by his scandalous reputation, the criticism he’s got, to put it mildly, unimportant.

What was the last straw for Aurelie DuPont and how she could not know about the statements of a dancer, is unclear. But she also got off. The position of leader is not too strong, her managerial skills and artistic tastes are being questioned, including by the artists (not subsided yet the scandal with the internal investigation, which revealed the dissatisfaction of the greater part of the troupe). And here on you: the invitation to “homophobic” and “sexist”. Worse than just racism. Remember the story of John Galliano and how long it was paying before the fashion world took him back.