In the Railways told how passengers profitable to buy non-refundable ticket

In the Railways told how passengers profitable to buy non-refundable ticket

MOSCOW, 18 Jul — RIA Novosti. To buy the so-called non-refundable ticket costs to passengers who are 100% sure of your plans, consider the lower price a top priority and are traveling without small children, to the clarification of the “Federal passenger company” (FPC, “daughter” of Russian Railways on the transport of long-distance), seen by RIA Novosti.

FPC will begin to sell the first non-refundable tickets from 20 January 2019 for trains departing April 19. Such travel documents in a pilot project to buy in a two-story sit-740/739 train Moscow-Voronezh and compartment cars of trains 26/25 Moscow-Izhevsk.

Of the total number of seats in cars to be sold as non-returnable will be only part of the tickets. That is, passengers will be able to buy these trains and the usual return tickets.

“To buy tickets at non-refundable rate is worth it if you are 100% confident in his plans for you — the cheaper the better… Buy a non-refundable rate if: the trip is personal, you are traveling without children, you don’t depend on fellow travellers, the savings for you is most important”, — stated in the explanations of the FPC.

If the trip is depends on many personal circumstances, the railroad advise passengers not to take risks. “In this case, it makes more sense to buy a ticket for the return fare, which can be returned or exchanged without great losses. Do not purchase non-refundable if: you often changed plans, the child is often sick, you travel company”, — noted in FPC.

The company in the above circumstances, recommends to save in other ways. For example, “catch” promotions and sales, to planning your next trip, track fares, if the passenger knows exactly when and where he plans to go.