Sisters Indian girls pretended to be boys to earn money

Sisters Indian girls pretended to be boys to earn money

Women’s work in the country in high esteem.

A story worthy of a bollywood film happened in a small village in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

Two sisters, 18-year-old Jyoti and 16-year-old neha Kumari, four years was forced to hide her gender and pretend to be boys, to be able to work.

Their father Dhruv Narayan owned a small barbershop, which is supporting his family. But in 2014 he became very ill and no longer able to work. Then his two daughters had decided to take matters into their own hands and began self-cutting customers and conduct business. But the problem was that in India a woman can only work at home or in the factory, surrounded by other women.

After the girls opened a Barber shop of his father, they stopped coming clients, and in the address they heard only insults. Then the sisters came up with the idea to pretend to be boys. They made a short haircut, dressed in men’s clothes and began to call themselves male names Deepak and Raju.

Of course, neighbors are your gender, they couldn’t hide, but most of the clients came to them from neighboring villages, so the trick worked.

For four years, Jyoti and neha was able to restore his father’s business: the day they earn RS 400, and this is quite enough for the life of the family and sick father.

However, in 2018, the sisters got tired of pretending, and they again began to look like a girl. About this story, journalists learned, and came to the village to local officials, who thanked Jyoti and Neha for their dedication and inspiring example.

Now they continue to work in the barbershop, but the fact that their serving girl, more customers are not confused.

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