Putin called the “politicking” the establishment of the new Church of Ukraine

Putin called the “politicking” the establishment of the new Church of Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin called the creation of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine political project for the “separation of peoples”. “None of what the spiritual life it is not a question — we are dealing with a dangerous and irresponsible politicking,” said the Russian President in an interview to the Serbian editions of “Politika” and “Evening news”.

He added that Russia does not intend to interfere in Church processes, “especially on the territory of a neighboring sovereign state.” According to Mr. Putin, in these processes there is a danger, “including for world Orthodoxy”. “However, few people care about and in the leadership of Ukraine, and the United States, because the new Church structure is purely political, secular project,” he added.

We will remind, the Ukrainian authorities in April 2018 have decided to form their own Orthodox Church independent from the Moscow Patriarchate. The members of the Synod of the Patriarchate of Constantinople signed a Tomos of autocephaly DNC on 5 January, 2019 in Istanbul.

The Russian Orthodox Church did not endorse the decision, calling it non-canonical and political. November 13 the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko with the delegation of the government brought Tomos in the Holy Transfiguration Cathedral of Vinnitsa and questioned the canonicity of the Russian Orthodox Church.