Alexander Shestun was a billionaire

Alexander Shestun was a billionaire

The Prosecutor General’s office wants to pay state income 565 land and 22 car former head of the Serpukhov district.

The Prosecutor General’s office reported that the notorious former head of the Serpukhov district of the Moscow region found 565 land plots and other property, estimated to be worth about 10 billion roubles. under the version of supervising Department, the property has been decorated as a company and individuals. the mister Shestun the court were arrested and the house was 100 RUB. in the account of VTB. Now the prosecution is going through the court to draw the assets of the former official in the state.

Alexander Shestun is accused by the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) in committing crimes under part 4 of article 159, part 4 of article 174.1 and article 289 (fraud in especially large size, legalization of stolen and illegal participation in entrepreneurial activity). According to investigators, as head of the district, it is in 2008-2014 unnecessarily handed over to a private company four plots of land, thereby causing damage to the budget at 62.8 mln.

Newsthe daughter of the head of the Serpukhov district appealed to Vladimir Putin

In criminal case there were two defendants — the district Deputy Boris krivodubski and entrepreneur Sergei Samsonov. According to preliminary data, after the arrest of Alexander Shestun in June 2018, were both declared wanted, accused in absentia of fraud and money laundering. As believes a consequence, on them the head of the district made out of the stolen as a result of fraud land. In December last year, according to the decision of the Basmanny district court arrested more than 300 plots of land, the owners of which were listed Mr. krivodubski, his wife, brother and even father, as well as accounts that the family had in several banks. Note that this was only part of the found real estate — all they have found more than hundreds of thousands, but to arrest the rest of the court had requested the investigation of additional arguments.

It should be noted that in 2015, Boris krivodubski officially declared 340 land, mainly ranging from 800 to 1.5 thousand sq. m. Have his own sidekick Alexander Shestun there was only a country house, a plot and a Bank account 100 RUB On it repeatedly pointed out to defenders of mister Shestun, seeking his release from custody. They noted that the former head of the district is raising five children, has an impeccable track record, many awards and rewards. “The application of such stringent measure of restraint in form of detention was of a political nature”, — said the defenders, calling the investigation ineffective. Protection of mister Shestun even appealed to the ECHR.

In the case if the court granted the prosecution’s request, the forfeiture to the state of the real estate value of RUB 10 billion, which, according to the official representative of the Prosecutor General Alexander kurinny are 565 plots of land registered to physical persons and legal entities, as well as 22 car will be a record in modern Russia.

While in the shadow list of billionaires in the first place is a former Colonel in Guebipk the Ministry of internal Affairs of Dmitry Zakharchenko, accused of receiving especially large bribes (part 6, item 290 of the criminal code). The anti-corruption court Prosecutor’s claim of money seized for a total amount of 8 billion rubles, and 27 properties — apartments and Parking lots. However, the total amount of confiscated barely exceeded 9 billion rubles.

Nikolai Sergeyev