A court in Thailand sentenced a Fish and Leslie to probation

A court in Thailand sentenced a Fish and Leslie to probation

PATTAYA, January 15 — RIA Novosti, Yevgeny Belenky. Alexander Kirillov (Alex Leslie), Anastasia Vashkevich (Nasty Fish) and other six accused of illegal sex training in Thailand pleaded guilty in the court of the city of Pattaya, the correspondent of RIA Novosti news from the courtroom.

The defendants were sentenced to suspended terms of imprisonment and actual imprisonment equal to the term already served, which amounted to 9 months of being in jail.

The Pattaya court is taking steps to facilitate speedy deportation of convicts in Russia and Belarus.

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Leslie Fish and the other defendants were arrested in a hotel in Pattaya in February last year during a “sex training.” They were initially accused of illegal organization of the training and violation of labor laws of Thailand. Then in April, the Pattaya court dismissed those charges in connection with the imminent entry into force of the amendments to Thai law on labour, abolishing criminal prosecution for organizing seminars and trainings without proper permits and notification of the authorities.

However, while the court considered the “first” case against the arrested in the police of Pattaya city received complaints, where members of the group, Leslie was accused of creating in Thailand a secret criminal community, and the provision of services of a sexual nature in a criminal group. After consideration of the statements and the preliminary investigation, the Prosecutor’s office of Pattaya has made the indictment on the new charges and referred it to the court.

According to the approved parties schedule sessions of the court of Pattaya, dedicated to listening to the testimony of witnesses for the prosecution and defence and the parties ‘ presentations should last from 15 to 18 January.