Mystery of ancient statues on Easter island

Mystery of ancient statues on Easter island

Scientists Binghamton University (USA) have discovered that the ancient inhabitants of Easter island built ceremonial platform moai near the coastal sources of fresh water. About it reported in a press release

Moai — stone statues that were created ramanujam between 1250 and 1500 years of our era. Many statues are AHU — rectangular platforms, most of which is located on the coast.

Ancient pashalic hewed the stones for the construction of AHU and moai of compressed volcanic ash in the quarries of the volcano rano Raraku in the Central part of the island, and then moved them on a few miles to the ocean coast. Until now, scientists do not know exactly why they built it on the shore.

The researchers found that AHU are located in places outcrops of fresh groundwater. The results of the spatial modeling revealed a significant correlation between AHU and water sources, which is one of the three most important resources on Easter island along with agricultural land and places of extraction of marine food. According to scientists, the AHU and moai symbolized the enormous significance of fresh water for aboriginal people.