On a Philippine beach appeared strange sea creatures

On a Philippine beach appeared strange sea creatures

And may be easily confused with debris.

Diana Mikkelsen from Philippine city Balabagan, walking along the shore of Illana Bay, saw several 10-inch plastic bottles. Deciding to get out of the water, the woman was horrified to find that it was not garbage, and living beings. They were completely transparent and to the touch resembled jelly.

Mysterious sea creature with transparent body leaves locals baffled in the Philippines https://t.co/COatqIIB26

— Brian James (@yazzooguy) 11 Jan 2019.

Having carefully considered his discovery, Diana was photographed via social media and asked for help in identifying an unknown animal.

And help came. In the transparent creation of users know one of the types salp — transparent sea creatures living in the surface waters of the ocean.

Although animal and looks like an alien, it’s actually harmless. Salp feeding on plankton, and their transparent body and protects them from predators. And these kids are able to glow in the dark.

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