A coin from the school tuckshop sell for $ 1.7 million

A coin from the school tuckshop sell for $ 1.7 million

Rare copper penny 1943, put up for auction after the death of its owner. About it reports Fox News.

In the midst of the Second world war, American coins were made from steel to save copper for ammunition and other military purposes. In 1943, at the mints by mistake snapped a few copper cents. It is believed that they were no more than a 40: 10 to 15 pieces made in Philadelphia, a few in San Francisco, one in Denver.

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For a long time the US government denied the existence of copper cents. This gave rise to the most incredible rumors. It was said that this coin is a billionaire, Henry Ford was ready to give a new car. The first copper cent of 1943 found after the war. 70 years later confirmed the existence of 12 copper cents.

One of them kept don Lyutes Jr. (Don Lutes Jr.). He found him in his surrender, which he received in the school cafeteria in 1947. When this became known, the Lyutes besieged numismatists who want to buy rarity. After that, he decided to learn more about the discovery and wrote to the Ministry of Finance of the United States. He said that the copper cents of 1943 does not exist. In the end, he left the coin itself.

In September 2018 Lyutes died. Now its a copper penny decided to sell. Experts believe that the value of the coin may reach 1.65 million dollars (110,2 million).