Smart pepper spray will call for help after applying

Smart pepper spray will call for help after applying

He also has siren and LEDs.

The Swedish company Plegium presented smart pepper spray, which syncs with a smartphone and sends a notification to the contact person in case of pepper spray used. Means of self-defense is further equipped with a siren and led lights, the spray was presented at CES 2019, according to the New Atlas.

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Pepper (or other gas) cartridges are often used as non-lethal means of self-defense: tear the aerosols they spray, you can briefly detain the person, giving the victim time to escape or call for help. However, this tool does not neutralize the enemy completely, leaving him a chance to attack, especially if raspalubki spray people hesitate or do not fall in the face of the attacker.

Swedish startup Plegium solved this problem by using pepper spray, which is equipped with Bluetooth it can sync with companion app that when applying spray sends a notification about the incident, and the scene on Google Maps. The balloon is not in contact with law enforcement, and emergency contact of the user — its data, the owner of the spray must enter when you configure the application: the contact person can also do a pre-recorded call.

It is assumed that after receiving a signal of emergency a contact spray or come to the aid of their own, or cause the law enforcement agencies on the scene.During the download an error has occurred.

In addition to notification system spraying spray is also accompanied by a siren with a volume of 130 decibels, and the device has blinking LEDs that can help the user to aim in the dark and disorient the offender.

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The balloon is equipped with a battery which supports the device for four years without charge and grabs him by about ten applications (the range of the spray up to three meters) on the company’s website reported that the canister with the spray can not be replaced (the body of the balloon does not open), as the process may be unsafe. For the safety of the body of the canister is equipped with a special valve, which prevents accidental pressing the spray button.

For countries where the use of pepper spray is prohibited, the company supplies a version with other aerosols (e.g., for residents of Sweden, Norway and Finland in the tank instead of pepper spray uses menthol). Is one can of 69,95 euros. Version without Bluetooth (does not allow to send notification to the contact person) will cost two times cheaper.