In India for the funeral of a crocodile reached 500 people

In India for the funeral of a crocodile reached 500 people

MOSCOW, January 10 — RIA Novosti. In India, 500 people came to the funeral of a crocodile, writes Hindustan Times.

Reptile named Gangaram lived in the pond and managed to win the love of the inhabitants of the nearby villages. As found by the forestry officials, the crocodile died at the age of 130 years old.

The over three-metre-long reptile was buried in the village after his last rites were performed by the villagers.

— Hindustan Times (@HindustanTimes) January 10, 2019

According to the newspaper, Gangarama organized a solemn funeral: the grave of the animal was taken on a tractor, decorated with flowers and garlands.

According to local residents, the crocodile been friendly.

Gangaram was carried to his funeral on a tractor decorated with flowers and garlands and 500 people attended the last rites.

— Hindustan Times (@HindustanTimes) January 10, 2019

“Even the kids could swim next to him, and Gangaram never hurt and didn’t hurt anybody. He was not a crocodile, and other”, — told the Hindustan Times Basavan living near the pond.

The villagers now wish to build a statue of Gangaram near the pond to remember the friend, the ‘divine creature’ who got the village a new name – ‘Magarmachha vala gaaon’

— Hindustan Times (@HindustanTimes) January 10, 2019

It is noted that the reptile was fed rice and beans.

“Gangaram was very understanding. If he saw someone there he sailed to the other side of the pond,” said Shin VIR Das.

According to the headman of the village, fell in love with the crocodile, the villagers are going to build on his grave a statue.

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