“Not the salad one.” It’s useful to do on Christmas eve

“Not the salad one.” It’s useful to do on Christmas eve

MOSCOW, 6 Jan — RIA Novosti, Alexei Mikheev. In the night of Monday, the Orthodox Christians are celebrating Christmas. This day has many traditions — which are purely national, some “certified” by the Church and that, in fact, celebrating the believers, learned the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

Before the first star — not!

Only the lazy did not write about how in Russia on Christmas eve — the night before Christmas — people were walking and at the same time… fasted. In any case “before the first stars”. In novels and ballads, describes how girls in this day wondered at her spouse. But in Christianity, a divination is considered a sin, which is based on an appeal to evil spirits. The priests had always warned that any experience of such communication ends for man sad.

But abstinence from food until the first star on Christmas eve — tradition associated with the ecclesiastical Charter.

However, there is not customary not just to the stars, and before the end of the evening service, which concludes when the star in the sky is not one. Arriving home, the Orthodox eat sochivo — boiled wheat or rice with honey. Hence the name eve.

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In neighboring Ukraine, another tradition: Christmas eve housewife trying to cook 12 meatless dishes (the number of apostles of Jesus Christ). Only here do they have time after that to the temple?

“It is a tradition to distract people from the meaning of the feast and make a fuss around cooking useless food. For example, we only prepare the pudding and, sometimes, even that little things. But those “12 meals” can often be found in people. A lot of strange ideas being circulated in calendars, which, unfortunately, for some are the only source of creeds,” says the student of the Kiev theological Academy Artemiy Rogozhkin.