The Austrian foreign Minister spoke about relations with Putin

The Austrian foreign Minister spoke about relations with Putin

The Austrian foreign Minister Karin Kneissl told what her relationship with the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. Interview with Kneisl published by the newspaper Kleine Zeitung.

According to the Minister, it does not communicate with the Russian leader on business issues. Kneisl noted that he was a private guest at a private event — her wedding, but since they did not communicate, transfers its words of RIA Novosti.

Austrian свадьба22 augustopolis told about his trip to Austria on свадьбу20 augustaanlage “Russia” sang “Kalinka” at the wedding, the foreign Minister Австрии20 augustenstrasse media are not agreed about the visit of Vladimir Putin to the wedding

The diplomat also pointed out that she often asked if she spoke with Putin about the incident in the Kerch Strait. “I don’t do because we don’t have a working relationship. It is not about how I personally assess Russian politics and about what the European and the Austrian position in relation to Russia,” she said.

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December 20 Kneisl said that the reason to call the Russian leader was her spontaneous desire to “share the joy”. She added that she did not expect that Putin will accept the invitation.

Putin’s visit to the wedding Kneisl and businessman Wolfgang Meilinger were of a private nature. The Russian President gave the newlyweds a performance by the Kuban Cossack choir. Gift cost 1.8 million rubles.

25 Nov border Department of the FSB of Russia detained in the area of the Kerch Strait, three ships of naval forces of Ukraine — boats “Berdyansk” and “Nikopol” and the tug “Yana Kapu”, which crossed the Russian border, did not respond to requests to stop and began a dangerous maneuver. In Moscow actions of the Ukrainian side called provocation. Criminal case about violation of the state border, 24 Ukrainian sailor aboard the three ships detained for two months.

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