Roskoshestvo identified the best Russian sparkling wine

Roskoshestvo identified the best Russian sparkling wine

Roskoshestvo summarized the research of sparkling wines of the Russian production in the medium price segment. The best wine experts considered vintage Brut rosé “Premium pink” “Abrau-Durso” produced under the brand name Victor Dravigny. Among its advantages, the experts called for transparency and quality in color, intense aroma and harmony.

The research was conducted with 23 Russian and international expert-taster. They tried a 51 sample of nine sparkling wine producers: “the New world”, “Inkerman”, “Zolotaya Balka”, “Manor Perovsky”, “Kuban-Vino”, “Myskhako”, “Abrau-Durso” winery “anniversary”, “Fanagoria”. Price category of wines — from 200 to 1000 rbl. the Drinks were evaluated for their appearance, aroma, taste and overall impression.

Than 78 points (out of a possible 100) received 37 wines.

The top 5 also included: three wine brand Chateau Tamagne (white Brut, white semi-dry “Muscat” pink Brut “select rose”) and “Muscat Ottonel” brand FANAGORIA.

According to Roskoshestvo, sparkling wine from Russian grapes a decent standard can be purchased at a price 500 RUB Specialists also did not confirm the stereotype about the low quality of Russian sparkling sweet and dry wines — they are the experts praised the balance of sweetness and freshness on the palate.

As said Roskoshestvo harder to buy inexpensive high quality wines made by the classical method (with secondary fermentation and aging in the bottle). “These wines can be found in the class of aged sparkling wines by the classical method (9 to 12 months of aging in bottle), but they are rare. It is easier to find inexpensive and quality wines, which are made with technology that is common in the Italian regions of Asti and Friuli. In any case, wines made with classic method, will cost in the range of 800-1000 rubles.”, — the expert explained.