Master “What? Where? When?” became the first woman

Master “What? Where? When?” became the first woman

Master “What? Where? When?” has Elizabeth, Avdeenko. This leading games Boris Hook announced in the year’s finale, which was broadcast on the First channel on December 23. Entry available on the website of the channel.

Avdeenko, became the fifth master, “What? Where? When?”.

The last time this title was appropriated 10 years ago, Andrei Kozlov.

In addition to Kozlov and Avdeenko, the award of the master have Alexander druz, Maxim Potashev and Victor Sydney.

Anticipating the medal ceremony, the presenter noted that his many years admired the game, Avdeenko. In addition to the title of master she was given the award for the most striking answer.

During the download an error has occurred.

The team of Balash Gasimov, a part of which is Avdeenko lost viewers in the final year with a score of 5:6.

Ovdienko, a two — time winner of the “Crystal owl”. Play “What? Where? When” she started to school, and later played in the sports version of the game for the team from Odessa, where she was born. After moving to Moscow in 2010, she began to play the part of capital team “CCPE” and later joined the team Gasimov.

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