German song of the President of Turkmenistan wince network users

German song of the President of Turkmenistan wince network users

President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov sang a song of his own composition on new year’s eve Banquet. The recording was published on the YouTube channel “Chronicles of Turkmenistan”.

Berdimuhamedov sang the song in English, German and Turkmen languages, as well as accompanied on the piano. In the presentation participated the grandson of the President Caringola, became the author of the music.

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The publication of the video caused anger of YouTube users. “Good, at least people songs feed”, — was indignant the wearer. “Ordinary Turkmen are starving, for flour [is] all, people barely make the ends meet, [and] they sang,” was supported by another commenter. Nick also caught the Turkmen leader and his grandson in the inability to play musical instruments.

Under the video of the President of Turkmenistan “regularly composes his own songs and to echo other”. The music for his songs writes Kerimli. Berdymukhamedov had previously performed a rap song, doing covers of songs Justin Timberlake and sang Patriotic songs.

In mid-October it became known that the inhabitants of the regions of Turkmenistan began to leave the country due to mounting problems in the supply of flour and bread. In turn, the people of the province, sakurayama in the capital Ashgabat, on the way back caught the police and give them fines.

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