Zhirinovsky has suggested to transfer a Single voting day on April

Zhirinovsky has suggested to transfer a Single voting day on April

Elections in Russia need to be improved, they do not have positive emotions. This opinion was expressed by the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky, proposing to transfer a Single voting day in April, reported the press service of the party.

According to Zhirinovsky, “people feel that they are forced to vote, pushed left”. At the same time, the leader of the liberal democratic party, politicians, contesting the vote no understanding that elections are not war to the last cartridge, and political competition. Its main result is to satisfy the citizens, said Zhirinovsky.

“Representatives of the ruling party go to the polls as independent candidates, almost never smiling after the elections, do not rejoice in his victory. Opponents never congratulate them on their victory, although this is common in many other democratic countries”, — stated the politician.

As an example, he cited the elections in Primorye. “Here in Primorye, Kozhemyako won first place on elections of the Governor of — I specifically say that I won, not because lawyers must determine electoral victory, and the mood in society after the vote. And if the residents of Primorye were pleased with his election — they all went on Monday morning to work happy, and they are gloomy. No one rushed to celebrate the victory Kozhemyako, nobody is in a hurry to congratulate him,” — said the head of the liberal democratic party.