The Briton became a ballerina at age 71

The Briton became a ballerina at age 71

She had dreamed all his life.

71-year-old Angela of Gabbot from Gloucestershire knows what it is to follow your dreams and never give up. Most recently, she passed the exam to the ballet school and officially became the adult ballet dancer in the UK.

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According to the Brits, she was six years old dreamed of becoming a ballerina. But then it refused to take to school, explaining that she has too big feet and “wrong” figure.

But this did not prevent Abbot continue to love ballet.

After retirement, he and a friend signed up for tap dance, but after seeing the information about the set of the ballet school, Angela decided to try again. And it worked.

For a year British dance and notes that this made it feel much younger and more active. Because dance is the best way to use all the muscles of the body and maintain yourself in shape.

The same opinion is shared by American Rachel Philipsen, which was the real star of the dance floor in her 90 years.

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