Press conference of Vladimir Putin

Press conference of Vladimir Putin

The most important thing.

About nuclear war: “the Danger of such developments in the world somehow obscured, leaves. It seems impossible or something not so important. Meanwhile, if God forbid, something similar occurs, it can lead to the death of an entire civilization, and maybe the entire planet. Therefore, the issues are serious, and it is very unfortunate that this trend of underestimation is the place to be and increases. Of course, it will be necessary to ensure its security some steps. Let then not a peep about the fact that we will achieve some benefits. We don’t benefits achieve and maintain balance and provide safety.”

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On gasoline prices: “might be some kind of adjustment associated with the VAT rise in early January, and I don’t think it will be significant. Really should be a mild correction in the area of 1-1,5%, not more. And then the government will have to closely monitor what is happening in the market, in the global and Russian. Of course, when prices rise, no one likes, but the fact that the government takes such decisions, I think it’s an obvious thing. Better or worse, but it happens, and the agreement was reached”.

In Russia, sharply increased the prices of бензин20 dekabroken save you from expensive бензина19, dikobraz predicted a rise in price of goods in 2019 году18 decabral the government considered unfounded the complaint of transporters on the cost of gasoline

About the dollar: “there is No ban on dollar circulation in Russia and never will be. The volume of payments of Russia in the us is about 69%, this is due to export contracts on oil. The ban on the scoreboard by currency exchange offices on the streets is associated with the fight against illegal exchangers.”

About raising the retirement age: “the Trends are that the number of employees becomes less and less, and the number of pensioners increases. It is an objective trend, there’s no escape. I’m well aware of how people will react. Neither explains when a particular person is concerned — it does not cause delight. I am well aware that criticism from left and right. But that was done on the left, we know that its economic policy at the time, destroyed in fact the Soviet Union and later in 90-e years almost destroyed Russia. We wouldn’t have the Russian Federation, we would have had some kind of Muscovy. This situation has been able to hold onto to stop — more than that, the country is developing stronger”.

Of a Church split in Ukraine: “what is happening now in the Orthodox Church (in Ukraine) — just as we people say, the mind boggles. This is direct state interference in the Church’s religious life. Never seen before since the days of the Soviet Union. That the Secretary of state (USA) called on this issue in Kiev, discussed this issue, well it in any gate not climbing, it is absolutely unacceptable thing. Nevertheless, it happens.”

The largest split of the Church for 1000 let20 decapatation Kirill urged Church leaders not to recognize the new Church Украины17 dekabrda of the Metropolitan of the UOC deprived of dignity and brought анафеме17 Dekabristov: Interchurch conflict in Ukraine is tightly mixed with politics

About the incident in the Kerch Strait and detained Ukrainian sailors: “there Is a consequence, after criminal proceedings will be clear what to do next. Sent them, hoping that one of them will die.

Great dissatisfaction, I see in the ruling circles (Ukraine.—”B”) is caused by the fact that no one died. Hoped that one of them will die, but thank God that didn’t happen.The conflict between Russia and Ukraine in the Kerch проливе20 dakarrelease senators called for action against Russia in the Black море19 decabrachia announced a new campaign of their war ships through the Kerch пролив18 daybreakersmovie the UN recognized the Russian threat to Ukraine

Sanctions against Russia: “Russia has adapted to the current restrictions… Yes, the negative impact is. But look on the plus side, these sanctions cases. This forced us to turn the brain in many areas. Western experts, too, admit it”.

NewsDeceived FSO fish, the businessman told about life after a conversation with Putin

On Syria: “as for defeating ISIL (former name “Islamic state”; banned in Russia.— “B”), in General I agree with the President of the United States. We, I already talked about that, too, has made significant changes in the fight against terrorism in the area and inflicted serious blows on ISIS in Syria. There is a risk of spillover of these groups, and the like in the neighbouring regions of Afghanistan, but in other countries, to country of origin, where they came from, they partly returned. This is a great danger for us all.”

About “PMC Wagner”, “Now about “Wagner” and the fact that people make: everyone has to stay within the law, everything. Can we ban all private security business, but it is necessary to do it, I think that will come to you with a large number of petitions with the requirement to protect the labour market. If that’s the group “Wagner” something breaks, then the General Prosecutor’s office to give a legal assessment”.

The murder of Russian journalists in ЦАР28, sentyabrsky: Killed in CAR Orkhan Jemal investigated the supply of Russian weapons ЧВК20 cantabrigiense: poisoning Peter Verzilova due to the death of journalists in ЦАР4 of sentyabrsky questioned the driver killed in CAR of Russian journalists

About Donbass: “Attempts to solve political issues by force, and we see this with the Ukrainian authorities for several years and it is still happening, is doomed to failure. It should be understood. Tell me, who established a blockade between the Donbass and rest of Ukraine, maybe Russia did this? Did Ukrainian authorities introduced a total economic blockade of the territory which they consider their own. And that they shoot at people they consider to be their citizens. There is almost every day people are dying, and civilians. Peace. We provide humanitarian aid to these people. And just so they finally have not eaten, not crushed and not torn. And will continue to do so”.

Newsattorney General’s office has said it is ready to check the activities of PMCs “Wagner”

About the detainees in the US’s Butinai: “Butino make something to admit I don’t fully understand what she may be recognized, because it is no job of the state, the state bodies of Russia are not fulfilled. This I will declare, whatever she may have said herself under threats of imprisonment of 12-15 years. We care, we will follow up on this monitor and appropriately support it”.

On elections in the regions: “For me the main thing that people in the territories in the regions of the Russian Federation felt that life is changing for the better. If they made a decision in relation to a specific person, not representing the party “United Russia”, well, that’s their choice. Strongly will only help any newly elected head of the region. The only question is if the newly elected head of the region was at the height, was able to fulfill those campaign promises that he gave to people”.