In Barcelona in the riots affected more than 60 people

In Barcelona in the riots affected more than 60 people

MADRID, 21 Dec — RIA Novosti. More than 60 people were injured in clashes in Barcelona, said the ambulance service of Generalitat on Twitter.

According to the service, appealed to doctors 62 people, including 57 with injuries. In the hospital delivered eight people, their condition is not dangerous to life. Among the victims — 35 employees of law enforcement bodies of the Catalan Mossos d’esquadra.

Earlier it was reported about 51 injured.

Detained 12 people, including ten in Barcelona and two in the municipality of Mont-Roig del camp (province of Tarragona), told RIA Novosti press-service of the Mossos d’esquadra.

On Friday in several districts of Barcelona held protests, clashes with police occurred on the street Laietana, street Drassanes, Parallel Avenue. Radical protesters attacked police with stones, firecrackers and paint, overturned dumpsters, pulled out the lights. In response, the police used batons.

The cause of the protests was held in Barcelona a meeting of the Council of Ministers, which usually takes place on Fridays in Madrid. The protesters described the event as a provocation.

The official representative of the Spanish government, Isabel Celaa at a press conference following the meeting, urged protesters not to resort to violence. She noted that the meeting had taken “important decisions for Spain and Catalonia”.

In the morning activists of the radical movement “committees for the defence of the Republic”, advocating for the independence of Catalonia, blocked the route across the Autonomous community. In total, there were 25 blocked highways, some roads are still blocked.

In Catalonia 21 December 2017 were held early elections to the regional Parliament, appointed after the Spanish government introduced direct rule in the Autonomous community, spreading local government and Parliament in connection with the holding of an illegal referendum on independence.