Usmerava “yellow vests” French police threatened to revolt

Usmerava “yellow vests” French police threatened to revolt

French unions members of the police authorities threatened to start a protest in that case, if you do not get a raise and mitigate working conditions. On it informs Agency Associated Press.


To such measures of police brought several weeks of continuous operation on suppression of protests by “yellow jackets”, which often degenerate into clashes. Union representatives reported that on Tuesday, December 18, will work in a relaxed mode, and from December 19 to begin their own protest, “blue vests” colour of protective clothing.

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The unions urged the police under protest to answer only emergency calls to affect the decision of the government budget: expenditure on the police is to reduce by 62 million euros. On December 20, the scheduled meeting of the French National Assembly, which will discuss the budget in 2019. As The Local reports, in the case that the strike will not result in “significant efforts” to address the problems of the police, she will be only the “first act” of a police protest in the country.

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The original demands of the police included a meeting of heads of trade unions with the President of France Emmanuel Macron, but in the end they will meet interior Minister Christoph Kastner. The meeting is scheduled for the evening of December 18.

Earlier it was reported that in Paris the protesters broke through the police cordon, overturned dumpsters, singing the “Marseillaise” and demanded the resignation of the President of Emmanuel Macron. The police responded with tear gas and fired on protesters with rubber bullets.