Russian “Internet trolls” accused of discrediting the investigations of Muller

Russian “Internet trolls” accused of discrediting the investigations of Muller

Their most powerful weapon experts called post to Instagram, where Mueller accused of working with “radical Islamic groups”.


Russian “Internet trolls” trying to discredit the work of the Commission the former Director of the FBI Robert Swan of Muller investigating Moscow’s intervention in the American elections of 2016, in order to neutralize the biggest threat for the US President Donald trump. It was used to create fake accounts in social networks through which to spread information about corruption in the Commission, writes the Washington Post, citing presented to the Senate the reports of the two expert groups.

Newsa Former Director of the FBI accused trump of the distribution lies

The authors of the reports indicate that after trump won the election and became the President of the United States, the Russian “Internet trolls” moved to neutralize the biggest threat to his tenure in the White house. We are talking about the activities of the Commission responsible for investigating on attributed to Russian intervention in elections in 2016. In their opinion, using fake accounts on Facebook and Twitter, the hackers distributed the information that Robert Mueller was involved in corruption, and his Commission engaged in “crazy conspiracies”. In one post in Instagram, which has become a particularly potent weapon in the Russian Arsenal of social networks, it was argued that the head of the Commission worked in the past with “radical Islamic groups,” reads one of the reports.

As the Washington Post reported the reports describing the campaign of the Russian “trolls” with panache and detail, which “did not exist before”. According to the publication, the researchers analyzed over 10 million posts and messages on each major social media platform, to understand how the Russians used American technology to create a global online disinformation machine.

The reports also highlighted the complexity of the struggle with the Russian “trolls”, as they can be easily moved from platform to platform, which makes the process of detection and removal of misleading messages impossible for any company alone.

Experts at Oxford University and the company Graphika came to the conclusion that they were able to find evidence of Russian interference in the elections. The report argues that payment of advertising accounts in some cases were used rubles, and contact information allegedly residents of the United States was discovered by the Russian phone numbers.

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The U.S. justice Department on February 16 officially charged with 13 Russian citizens and three organizations of meddling in the presidential election in 2016. In the list, later called “Muller’s list”, and got the staff “of the Agency’s Internet research”, better known in Western media as “Kremlin Troll factory”. Russian President Vladimir Putin later said that Russia will never be extradited to the United States people from a list of Muller, and he has no idea, what did the citizens whom the US accuses of meddling in the 2016 elections.

Investigation about the possibility of Moscow’s intervention in the American elections, and also about alleged ties trump with Russia that contradict the White house and the Kremlin, for more than a year leads spectracolor USA Robert Mueller. A parallel investigation led by the Committee on intelligence of the house of representatives and the U.S. Senate. Moscow denies accusations of interference, calling them unsubstantiated. Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov called these accusations “completely unfounded”.

17 may 2017 spectaculorum in the case of Russian interference in presidential elections was appointed Robert Mueller.

Robert Swan Mueller III, a Princeton graduate, a Vietnam veteran. Worked in high positions in the U.S. Department of justice, was a Federal Prosecutor in San Francisco, from 2001 to 2013 he headed the FBI.


By Paul Manafort, an employee, head of the election headquarters of Donald trump (March to August 2016). In October 2017 and February 2018 charged with conspiracy, violating U.S. law on foreign agents, making false statements, concealing information about accounts in foreign banks financial crimes (a total of 37 bases).

All charges related to his work as a political strategist for former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych and “Party of regions”. His guilt on any of the charges not admitted, from October 2017, is under house arrest.


Rick gates, a longtime business partner Paul Manafort, an employee of the election headquarters of the President of trump in 2016. Was charged with the same crime that by Paul Manafort, and placed under house arrest.

23 February 2018 pleaded guilty to perjury and conspiracy against the United States, agreed to the plea deal. In exchange, the investigation cleared him of several other charges (Bank fraud, tax evasion).


George Papadopoulos, Advisor to the election campaign of Donald trump on foreign policy issues. Arrested in July 2017, pleaded guilty to making false statements to the FBI about contacts with the Russians and agreed to cooperate.

According to investigators, he tried to organize a meeting with the Russian authorities through an unnamed London Professor and the woman believed a relative of President Vladimir Putin. Also told an Australian diplomat that Russian has “dirt” on Hillary Clinton in the form of “thousands of emails”. According to media reports, these data gave rise to the start of the investigation against Donald trump.


Michael Flynn, adviser to the President of the trump national security (January – February 2017). Left the post when the media confronted him with misinformation regarding conversations with the Russian Ambassador in Washington Sergei Kislyak.

As it turned out, in December 2016, before joining Donald trump in the position of adviser of Russian Ambassador asked the Kremlin not to take retaliatory measures against the sanctions imposed last administration of Barack Obama. In December 2017 after being formally charged with perjury, pleaded guilty and made a deal with the investigation.


Alex van der Zwaan, a London lawyer, son of co-owner of “Alfa Group” German Khan. In February 2018, pleaded guilty to making false statements to the Commission Mueller about his connection to Rick gates, as well as the deletion of e-mails that were interested in the result.

The prosecution related to his work at the Ministry of justice of Ukraine during the presidency of Yanukovych. In April 2018 sentenced to 30 days in prison and a fine of $20 thousand


Richard Pinedo, owner of the online service Auction Essistance, selling the numbers of the Bank accounts registered with stolen identities. Pleaded guilty and agreed to cooperate with the investigation.

As it turned out, among his clients were Russians, accused of meddling in American elections.


Constantine kilimnik, former Deputy Director of the Russian branch of the International Republican Institute, a business partner of Paul Manafort.

8 Jun 2018 year Kilimnik was charged with obstruction of justice and conspiracy. Spectacular Mueller argues that, together with Manafort he tried to influence witnesses in the “Russian case”.

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13 Russians and 3 Russian companies in February 2018 charged with conspiracy against the United States to interfere in the American elections. In the list of defendants included the businessman and restaurateur Eugene Prigogine (pictured) and 12 employees “of the Agency’s Internet research”, funded by the companies and Concord Management Concord Catering.

According to the team of spectacular Mueller, Agency staff have been working in social networks, creating fake accounts of US citizens, buying political advertising, organizing rallies.

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12 alleged employees of the Main Directorate of the Russian General staff (GRU) in July 2018 charged with conspiracy to commit interference in elections. According to investigators, they were behind cyber attacks on the resources of the Democratic party and disseminating the information.

In the indictment appear the names of the alleged hackers, their positions in specific parts of the Russian military intelligence, aliases, and other details of the operation.