Where is the spookiest of new year’s Park (photo)

Where is the spookiest of new year’s Park (photo)

Here come the lovers of dark tourism.


Driving through the city of Itaguai, on the way to Rio de Janeiro, some travelers stop at the curb, noticing the eerie picture.

Surrounded by palm trees and lush greenery sticking out of a huge head of Santa Claus with his mouth open, as if frozen in a scream.

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Daredevils who risked to go on reconnaissance, you will see that Santa is not alone. Somewhere dilapidated figures of deer, then the sleigh, candy faded, worn slides and a sad abandoned house. This is all that remains of the theme Park Albanoel.

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The Park was the brainchild of politician Antonio Albano Flight, popularly known as Santa Claus Quintino because he dressed as Santa every Christmas. It was planned that in the territory of about 30 million square meters will accommodate different thematic areas.

In 2004, the builders completed the area Christmas and was ready to proceed to the next stations, but the Flight suddenly died in a car accident. The Park was closed and fell into disrepair.

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A few years later, a British school teacher and Amateur photographer Christopher Jones was traveling from Rio to Paraty with a group of friends. Seeing a creepy Santa Claus, Jones made a series of atmospheric images. They praised the Park far beyond Brazil. Fans of dark tourism specially come to this place to feel the atmosphere of desolation and destruction.

Um amigo acabou de me falar de um Parque Temático abandonado na estrada Rio-Santos excelente pra gravar um filme de Terror, Albanoel Park, que já tem assombrado fama de ser, não conhecia pic.twitter.com/Ux6tjDXimZ

— Carlos Novaes (@chlnovaes) 19 Jan 2018

Cidade Albanoel was meant to be Brazil”s largest theme park, but was left abandoned after the death of its creator. pic.twitter.com/KDKF2yEMpV

— The Culture Trip (@CultureTrip) may 9, 2016

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